Yoga for Respiratory Wellness

Posted on Nov 27, 2022

Prana and respiratory health have long been emphasised in yoga. In addition to giving the body, mind, and spirit a sense of equilibrium, the ancient Indian practise of Hatha Yoga, which combines asanas and pranayama, is essential for the proper operation of the respiratory system. Yoga enhances the health of the respiratory system. Every yoga practise has a unique inhalation and exhalation pattern. The discipline of pranayama focuses on breath control.
Asanas gently stretch and strengthen the upper torso's respiratory muscles by gently moving the spine in all directions. These poses strengthen and stimulate the cartilages in the respiratory tract, improve blood flow via the pulmonary veins and capillaries, improve lung function, and maintain harmony in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to guarantee that the airways operate at their best.
1.  Bhujagasana
Bhujangasana, also known as cobra pose, helps to stretch out the lungs and promotes lung health. In addition, it promotes mental serenity and helps to relax the mind.
Lung capacity can be increased by this yoga. It helps to open the chest, abdomen, and lungs.
It relieves sciatica pain, strengthens the lungs, and soothes the brain. Individuals with lung infections and asthmatic patients benefit greatly from this position in terms of rest.
2.  Bitilasana Marjaryasana
This yoga posture is beneficial for increasing flexibility and relieving stress from the neck to the hips. Along with rotating the spine and synchronising the breathing, it stretches the muscles in the chest and belly. It's crucial to lift the chest in the Cat Cow Pose by moving the shoulders away from the ears. To use the diaphragm more effectively, breathe slowly and open your chest. This exercise expands the diaphragm with the aid of deep breathing, which causes the chest cavity to expand and aids in the healthy operation of the heart and lungs. Therefore, when breathing is effective, the lungs have a chance to expand.
3.  Matsyasana
It is regarded as the destroyer of all diseases and is an effective kind of yoga for pneumonia because it improves breathing by enlarging and extending the lungs. Additionally, it encourages blood flow and distribution throughout the body. This yoga position helps improve blood flow and increase oxygen intake. It promotes better heart and lung health and prevents numerous respiratory diseases. This is among the finest yoga poses for clearing the lungs and for breathing issues.
4.  Dhanurasana
The chest and back are primarily benefited by the bow posture, also called dhanurasana. It is the ideal position to flush out the toxins from the lungs. Additionally, it develops healthy, robust chest muscles. One of the best yoga poses for clearing the lungs is the bow position. Additionally, it is simple to do at any time and is easy to follow.
5.  Sukhasana
Also known as cross-legged position, Sukhasana yoga is a fantastic exercise to increase blood flow and improve lung capacity. It strengthens the lungs' muscles and aids in improving focus. This pose effectively removes toxins from the lung muscles and enhances blood circulation in the lungs. This position helps with breathing issues and enhances attention. Additionally, it eases anxiety and stress.