30 Days 30 Min of Yoga Challenge

30 Experts 30 Minute Daily

30 Days 30 Min of Yoga Challenge

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01 Mar 2024
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30 Days

What's Included?

Daily Streaming

30 Days daily streaming of sessions for best results by 30 eminent yoga Professionals

Transformation Coach

Transformation coach consultancy for the practice and advice

doubt clearing session

Weekly 2 Hours of doubt clearing session for more result oriented practice

Benefits You Will Gain

  • Benefits of Yoga
  • 30 Lifestyle Disease and Cure with Yoga
  • Warmup Practice of Yoga
  • Breathing Technique
  • Daily Yoga Practice Benefits
  • How Yoga Works on Chronic Pain
  • Diabetes and Yoga Role
  • Immunity Boosting with Yoga

What will you learn?

Introduction of Challenges
The Introduction will cover the concept of yoga, how the body works with yoga, and the principles of yogic practice. In addition, you will receive warm-ups and beginner's practicals to help establish a strong foundation for your yogic practice. These specially designed lectures and practice examples are the most effective way to start and set the foundation for your yogic practice. The help of the top 30 yoga instructors who created this program has doctorates, research papers on yogic practices, and a lot of wisdom on how yoga and the human body work. The concepts and primary principles of yoga are discussed in the context of modern life, helping you understand what yoga is and how it benefits.
Week 1
The first week mostly covers the basics of yoga, the fundamentals of yoga, and small steps toward yogic practice. This week is the most important, and it will set your momentum for the rest of the practice. During the first week, you will learn the beginner's practice, and warmups, and gain a more in-depth understanding of breathing techniques and how they can benefit you overall in your daily life.
Week 2
The second week is dedicated to the healing of modern lifestyle ailments, information, and knowledge about what you can do to avoid these lifestyle diseases at large. The second week's practice focuses on setting the tone for some practice that will make you sweat and that you will love to invest more of your time in.
Week 3
The third week of the practice provides advanced learning of yogic practices and also gives you more repetition of the practice to achieve your goals. The primary goal of this 30-day program is to set your agenda and align your mindset to get started with yoga as your must-have essential tool for a healthy lifestyle.
Week 4
The last week, week 4, is an important part where some really advanced yogic practices are introduced, and this week you also have the option to check out more alternative yogic practices that focus primarily on your lifestyle goals or any disease reversal. Weight loss, diabetes, pain management, and flexibility are integral parts of your daily well-being, so they need to be checked.
Bonus Week 5
The bonus week gives you additional content and materials about yogic practice, and you can opt for anything you love. It will introduce you to a total of 150 hours of optional bonus videos and services that can be consumed in the next 3 months. So, prepare and set your base with 30 days of yogic practice and learn the authentic way to do yoga, how yoga with a breathing practice and nutritional health programs help you gain more stamina, more energy, a flexible body, strong muscles, and positive mindsets to be in a healthy state of mind, no matter what challenges come your way in the years to come.

Objective of challenge

Join the community of 1 million people and benefit from the best authentic Indian yoga practice.

Win your mental health with our advanced practice and technique and set aside anxiety, stress, hypertension, and sleeplessness for a lifetime. This will lead to improved cognitive excellence and also helps in positive affirmation of your life goals.

Mental Well-being
A Complete Mindfulness

Learn from the top 30 prominent Indian yoga professionals and get trained in healing techniques and practical ways to attain the best results from lifestyle ailments. Top 30 ailments that are most common in the community.

Lifestyle Healing
30 + Lifestyle Disease Topics

Leverage your physical health with yoga and increase longevity. Learn and get Trained with complete yoga including advanced yoga for lifetime practice and get benefits in your daily health. Asanas, Pranayama, and Sequence of the practice.

Physical Fitness
Yoga for your Mind, Body and Spirituality

Who is this for?

Everyday fitness
Weight Loss
Happiness Yoga
Toned and Strong Body
pain Management
Mental health
Pre-Natal Yoga
Post-Natal Yoga
Respiratory System
Yoga for Beginners
Warm up Yoga Practice


A: The program is non-refundable, and there is no payment return after booking.

A: The yoga instructor who designed the program is well-experienced, with an average experience of more than 12+ years. Eighteen of those yoga teachers have a Ph.D. in Yogic Science, and five of them are world champion gold medalists.

A: The challenges are available in Hindi and English language for almost all videos. Some of the videos might be in English only.

A: Yes, we will provide you chat support for the next 30 days, so when you practice with videos, you can write the question, and within 24 hours, you will get a response from our transformation coach or from the yoga instructor.

A: You will receive a transformation coach call one week after the start of the session, and then the second call you will receive on the third week of the practice. However, you can WhatsApp the transformation coach for additional questions anywhere, anytime, and they will respond to you within 24 hours after the receipt of your query.

A: The program is a one-time booking with no option for cancellation. However, if you are not able to start on the given time, you can ask for another date, and a new date will be allocated to start the practice.

A: Anyone with no injury or any recent major operation can participate in this challenge.

A: The "30 Days 30 Min by 30 Yoga Teacher Challenges" is one of the most innovative programs designed and produced by eminent Indian yoga teachers to provide an authentic Indian yogic experience for beginners and professionals alike and impart the importance of yoga in life. Out of the 30 yoga instructors participating in the practice, 18 of them have a Ph.D. in yoga and yogic science, 5 have published research papers in medical journals, 5 are world yoga champions, and some of them have more than 40 years of experience in yogic practice. This challenge is one of the most prominent and best practices you can find anywhere to understand and benefit from yoga.

A: The sequence and practice of the challenge are designed in a manner that gives benefits to everyone from the age group of 15 to 70+ years. This helps improve flexibility, breathing, happiness, lifestyle disease reversal, and mental health improvements. This program is not for terminally ill people; it is designed for healthy individuals to remain healthy for a lifetime and be able to reduce medical bills by 50-70% over time if they are taking any medication. Some of the practices included within the program are flexibility, a toned and strong body, strong muscles, a healthy spine, respiratory issues, fatty liver, chronic pain management, stamina, sexual life, women's health, prenatal and postnatal yoga practice, weight loss with yoga, diabetes with yoga, hypertension, and yoga, yoga for a healthy life, mental health and yoga, fundamental of yoga, and many more.

A: The challenge is pre-recorded streaming, so you are flexible with time and can join at any time as per your available schedule. However, for best results and improved performance, we recommend practicing early in the morning by 5 am or 6 am to get the best results.

A: Once you subscribe to the services, you will receive a detailed link to access the program and also other details like login information and how to log in. In case you find any difficulty logging into the system, you can get in touch with our support team, and they will help you with the same.

A: The daily time for the practice is in the range of 30 to 50 minutes. Each day, there is a different topic and yoga teacher, so each one requires a different time. We advise sparing 1 hour of daily practice for the best results.

A: Yoga does not require any equipment. However, you need a good yoga mat, water bottle, and quiet space. Also, we recommend setting up your large-screen TV or laptop for practice instead of mobile for better visibility and understanding. However, if you do not have a TV or laptop, you can use your mobile phone as well. A good internet speed is essential for the program to run smoothly.

A: Yes, you will get a certificate of participation once you complete the 30-day session.

A: The price is pre-discounted. The base price is Rs. 1499 per month, and this is given just for Rs. 599 as our introductory offer. So, there are no additional discounts available.

About the Hosts

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Acharya Deepchand Kausik

Acharya Deepchand Kaushik is a renowned yoga teacher and has over 40 Years of experience in authentic Indian Yogic practice.

He is famous for teaching Yoga in various ways including mass yoga camps, television shows, and radio lectures in schools and colleges.

He strives to cover all age groups from school-going to the elderly. He has been teaching yoga for the last 32 years in India and abroad. Born in Haryana,

Acharya Ji was keen on learning yoga when he was at school, Acharya ji is Encourage Youth towards the Benefits and importance of Yoga in their daily Life.

Along with Acharya Deepchand Kaushik  this program is hosted and run by more than 30 yoga guru with similar kind of expereince and expertiese.

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Dr. Ramesh Kumar

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Dr. Vikram Singh

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Karuna Ahuja

8+ Years of experience of yoga teacher training. Having excellent experience of Yoga and Wellness

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Deepeshwar Singh

mentor image

Dr. jayasetti selon

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Dr. Kiran Verma

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Dr.Rajni Nautiyal

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Dr. Dharambir yadav

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Dr. Ishwar Bharadwaj

The narrative of a man who exemplifies the virtues of character and ability. Yog professionals hail him as one of the world's most revered teachers. He's had an incredible experience. This man, an author of four books and 90 articles, has commenced the introduction of the first doctorate and master's degree programmes in the field of yog in India and abroad. His commitment to imparting his wisdom has benefited the lives of many individuals. Let's look at one example of someone we can all strive to emulate. He is a glimmer of light amid a sea of darkness.
Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj
A humble man with aristocratic aspirations who began his career in bodybuilding and wrestling before becoming a Hindi Sanskrit instructor, then a yog professional, and ultimately the man whose efforts led to the establishment of master’s degree courses (M.A. and M.Sc.) Yog and Ph.D. Yog courses in university programmes.
Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj is a world-renowned yog professional. Over 36 years of experience as an educator in the yog industry, he has been recognised for his achievements for his exceptional work in the sector. He possesses self-assurance, an ability for leadership, and perseverance. Despite his great successes, he prefers to live a humble lifestyle.
He is a man of high moral character who's lived an ordinary existence while harbouring noble ambitions. An unpretentious man with a soft-spoken demeanour is what you'll find when you meet him. He is modest and disdains to show off. He's a dedicated educator with a kind spirit and is unsurpassed as a teacher and mentor. Because of his strong belief in the healing power of yog, he wanted students to pursue yog at master's and doctorate levels so that they could spread the benefits of yog to others, and as a result of his efforts, universities introduced doctorate and master's levels. He has spearheaded a country wide effort to include Master’s (M.A. and M.Sc.) and Ph.D. degrees in the core curriculum.
His work was a big part of how the Indian spiritual practise of Yog got its recognition. He is presently the Dean of Academics at Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya and has a remarkable record in yog.
He taught his students the value of hard work and persistence and helped them to the best of his ability. Although he helped underprivileged youngsters pay for their education, he never excused their absences. He ensured that his pupils were punctual in their studies.
Ishwar Bhardwaj, an Indian yog scholar and winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, has been a strong supporter of yog education and has been influential in establishing master's and doctorate degree programmes in the yog subject. The Manav Chetna, Saral Yogsan, Aupanishadik Adhyatma Vijnana, and Upnishadon mein Samayas Yog are well-known works by Ishwar Bhardwaj. He believes the most essential attributes of a teacher are a strong desire to learn and an insatiable intellectual curiosity. As yog has given him so much, he now spends his life helping others and believes it is time to give back to the yog community.
A Journey through the Life of Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj 
Dr. Ishwar Bhardwaj was born on July 4th, 1955. He is a modest, down-to-earth person and believes in humanitarianism. He has turned the tables upside down to introduce yog to the main curriculum.
In 1982, the Vice Chancellor of Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Balbhadr Kumar Ahuja inspired him to pursue and acquire knowledge about yog. He pursued a Diploma in Yog by completing his training under Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari and became a yog instructor. From 1983-1984 he started certificate, diploma, and degree courses in the department of yog in Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidalaya. These courses were available at the university where Masters and Ph.D. were unavailable. Initially, the duration of the certificate course was four months and later exceeded up to one year.
 In 1991 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) was started in Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya and had applied to University Grant Commission (UGC) to seek approval to introduce post-graduate courses in yog. In 1992, he succeeded with permission from UGC and introduced Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Sciences (M.Sc) in Yog in Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidalaya (first ever in India and abroad). No master's degree in yog existed in India or abroad.
In 1993-94 he kept proposals of issuing funds to universities. Later, UGC formed a committee that led to the sanction of funds due to his innumerable efforts by UGC to ten universities for making the yog department and appointing yog instructors to educate students on yog.
Later, in 1996, he succeeded by introducing the Doctor of Philosophy in Yog. He was the only yog instructor in Gurukul at that time.
Surprisingly, when the first batch of M.A./M.Sc began with only three students due to a lack of awareness and lack of promotion and media. One of them was Karamvirji, an associate of Swami Ramdevji. Swami Ramdevji admires him a lot. He didn't enroll in the course but attended a few classes with him.
Accomplishments of the most Revered Man of Yog Discipline
Apart from his efforts that resulted in the first Master’s and Ph.D. in Yog to be established throughout India and across the globe. He has traveled around the globe (Canada, China, Thailand, Mauritius, Nepal, etc.) and introduced Yog to academia and research. His academic contribution inspired many universities and it has led to the establishment and design of Syllabi in Yog, Yogic Science, Yogic Therapy, and Naturopathy in various universities.
He is associated with various organizations and institutions like Governing Board and the International University Center for Yogic Science established by UGC/Ministry of HRD Govt. of India. Committee constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for Promotion and teaching yog at all levels in Central Universities of India. President, UttarakhandIndian Yog Association (IYA), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.
He was presented with Life Time Achievement Award in International Conference on Multidisciplinary Healthcare organized by AIIMS – 2014, during 9-14 January 2014, and many more. He was honoured with the Life Time Achievement Award by the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou, China, Dujiangyan Municipal People’s Government, office of Foreign and Overseas Chinese affairs, Chengdu, China, and International Yog Festival Committee 2018, Uttarakhand tourism on 21 June 2018, on the celebration of International Day of Yog in Chendu, China. Other than the awards he is also the Member of Governing Board, International University Centre for Yogic Science Established by UGC/Ministry of HRD Govt. of India, and a Member of the Committee constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for Promotion and Teaching yog at all levels in Central Universities of India. He is also a Member of the committee constituted by UGC for Preparing Syllabus for NET in Yogic Science.
His Words of Wisdom About Yog
You shouldn't think of yog as merely consisting of asana, pranayama, the guidelines of Yama, the practice of meditation, and samadhi; you should think of it as a combination of those things. Practising yog won't cause any harm in any way, so one shouldn't think of it as merely consisting of asana, pranayama, the guidelines of Yama, the practice of meditation, and samadhi. Samadhi is a term used to describe a meditative state of enlightenment that is attained through the practice of yog. Yog has the potential to be of service to us in the process of nurturing our spiritual selves, which is a very critical aspect if we want to grow in both a physical and a spiritual sense simultaneously. If we want to experience growth in both a physical and a spiritual sense, then practicing yog is an absolute must. Collaboration is the only solution if one wants freedom from all distinct periods. And we need to do yog not just to protect our health but also for our entire development, general advancement in our overall growth and improvement. Yog is essential for both of these things.

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Dr. Nideesh Kumar Yadav

mentor image

Dr. Kamakhya Kumar

mentor image

Acharya Deepchand Kausik

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Monika Bansal

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Dr. Satya Narayan Yadav

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Dr. Bhaskar Hindustani

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Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Thakur

Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Thakur is an esteemed faculty member at Garhwal University with a profound expertise in the field of yoga. With a teaching experience of over 25 years, Dr. Thakur has made significant contributions to the academic and research endeavors of the university.

Dr. Thakur's educational background includes obtaining his education from Svyasa Bangalore, a renowned institution for yoga studies. This educational foundation has provided him with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of yoga, enabling him to impart valuable knowledge to his students.

Throughout his career, Dr. Thakur has displayed a deep passion for research in yoga. He has published more than 25 research papers, showcasing his commitment to expanding the body of knowledge in this field. His research contributions have likely explored various aspects of yoga, including its physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, as well as its potential applications for overall well-being and specific health conditions.

As a faculty member at Garhwal University, Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Thakur plays a vital role in shaping the academic curriculum and guiding students in their study of yoga. His extensive experience and research expertise make him a valuable mentor and resource for aspiring yoga practitioners and researchers.

Dr. Thakur's teaching methodology likely emphasizes a holistic approach to yoga, encompassing both the physical asanas and the philosophical and spiritual aspects of the practice. He may prioritize the integration of yoga into daily life, promoting its benefits for physical fitness, mental clarity, stress reduction, and spiritual growth.

Beyond his role at Garhwal University, it is possible that Dr. Thakur has also been involved in conducting workshops, seminars, and conferences on yoga, both nationally and internationally. His wealth of knowledge and experience may have made him a sought-after speaker and presenter in various forums dedicated to promoting yoga and its benefits.

Overall, Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Thakur's long-standing commitment to yoga education, extensive research contributions, and teaching experience make him an esteemed faculty member at Garhwal University. His passion for the subject, coupled with his practical and theoretical expertise, positions him as a valuable asset to the institution and the broader field of yoga.

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Divya Aggarwal

With over 18 years of experience in the realm of yoga, Divya Agarwal stands as a true luminary in the field. Her exceptional dedication and passion for yoga have earned her numerous accolades, including more than 8 Gold Medals and a World Championship title, showcasing her prowess and expertise in the discipline.

Education and Accomplishments:
Divya's yoga journey began at a young age when she discovered her calling to explore the depths of this ancient art form. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery and underwent rigorous training under renowned yoga gurus, honing her skills in traditional yoga practices and contemporary techniques.

Her commitment and mastery led her to shine on the competitive stage, securing an impressive collection of 8 Gold Medals in national and international yoga championships. Moreover, Divya Agarwal's exceptional talents culminated in her claiming the prestigious World Championship title, solidifying her position as a world-class yoga practitioner.

Teaching Experience:
Having touched the lives of more than 300 students throughout her teaching career, Divya has become an inspiring mentor and guide to aspiring yoga enthusiasts. Her teaching style is characterized by patience, compassion, and a deep understanding of her students' individual needs, ensuring a transformative and rewarding learning experience for each practitioner.

Yoga Influencer and Trainer:
Divya Agarwal's passion for spreading the benefits of yoga transcends beyond the classroom. As a prominent yoga influencer, she uses her platform to inspire a broader audience to embrace a holistic and balanced lifestyle through the practice of yoga. Her engaging content, insightful tips, and motivational messages have garnered a dedicated following of yoga enthusiasts worldwide.

Personalized Yoga Classes:
Currently associated with Yogpath Wellness, Divya offers personalized one-on-one yoga classes to individuals seeking a tailored approach to their practice. These private sessions cater to students of all levels, allowing them to receive focused attention and guidance in achieving their specific yoga goals.

Whether you are a beginner looking to embark on a yoga journey or an experienced practitioner aiming to refine your practice, Divya Agarwal's classes promise to be an enriching and transformative experience that nurtures both the body and mind.

To book your classes with Divya Agarwal at Yogpath Wellness or inquire about personal yoga sessions, reach out to her team today and take a step towards elevating your yoga practice to new heights.

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Dilrajpreet Kaur

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Hasya Guru Jiten Kohi

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Dr. Vinod Nautiyal

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Sonia Khanna

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Shishir Pokhriyal

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Dr. Abhijeet Ghosh

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Trupti Yarde

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Manju Goel

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Shivam Bharadwaj

30 Experts 30 Minute Daily

30 Days 30 Min of Yoga Challenge

10,000+ people have already benefited
₹599 ₹1499
Challenge starting in