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Payment and refund policy

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Payments, Refund, and Cancelation Policy
Yogpath Wellness Private Limited Policy of payments, refunds and cancelation is governed by the product and services offered and its own set of terms. Each service or membership might vary in payment, cancelation and refund policy as mentioned below. Yogpath Wellness Private Limited, hence after called Wellness Platform and anyone using the services include end-user, business user, individual, group, business partner, franchise, or anyone who transacted with Wellness Platform is called consumer in this document thereafter.
Mode of Payment
Wellness Platform collects payment from consumers from several modes which include UPI, QR Code, Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Mobile banking. This payment collection mechanism is unified in nature and all payment collected from any of these sources is saved on consumer account as available balance of services. Those services can be of any nature, prepaid services, one-time services, postpaid services, scheduled services, or anything else.
There is a coupon code, discount coupon or direct bonus for the payment as well, and those also automatically get added to the consumer my account balance for future purchase of the service from Wellness Platform.
The Wellness Platform services include, services directly purchased from the Wellness Platform like video, membership, online live classes, magazine membership, advertisement on Wellness Platform, content syndication fee to Wellness Platform, any other media asset subscription or uses, or third-party service membership, like therapy services, medical consultancy, diagnostics and pathology lab test services, medicine purchase, Yoga classes membership, fitness and gym membership, spa center membership, membership of any other related services in digital or physical forms of services.
Type of Services and Payment policy
Below mentioned are types of services offered, and some of the services that might not be listed here are considered in the general service of Wellness Portal if not specified anywhere in this document or our terms of service document.
Membership Services
 The membership service is one of the prepaid services that gives access to premium content, discounts on other services and exclusive access to features that are not available for non-members on wellness platform.
Membership service payment is non-refundable, non-transferable, and membership can be consumed by the users who buy and are entitled to use. Membership payment is non-adjustable to any other purchases of services of products. The membership service can be purchased from the available balance of a consumer account or can be directly paid with payment from any of the available payment modes.
Magazine Subscriber
 The magazine subscription is non-refundable and non-adjustable with any other services.
Wellness Services
 The wellness service category includes services from third party, and payment terms are non-refundable in most of the cases, but there are certain conditions in which customer can claim for the refund, and it will get refunded as per turnaround time of refund.   
  1. Therapy Booking Service is refundable with certain conditions as below.
  • Non-refundable in the case of no-show or any refund requested 24 hours before start of the session.
  • 50% refund – If session cancelation request received 3 days before the start of the session.
  • 90% refund – If session cancelation request received 6 days before the start of session.
  • 100% refund – If session is rescheduled 3 days prior to start of session for any reason.
  1. Live Class Services - Live class payment is not refundable for 1:1 classes or group classes in any manner. The only option is to reschedule the class again on another day or at a different time slot 1 hr before the start of the live classes. In case of no-show in live class, refund or reschedule is not entertained.
  1. Studio Slot Booking, any booking of studio slot in fitness center/ gym / spa / wellness center / meditation center/ yoga studio is not refundable in the case of no-show. However, if the slot cancelation request is processed 24 hours before the start of the session, the amount is added back into your account to reschedule or use for any other purchases.
Video /Audio and OTT services – OTT (Over The Top)  service is membership-based or single purchase of the content and non-refundable or adjustable in any kind of service or account.
The validity of a subscription might vary from one OTT (Over The Top) service's content to another. Once payment is paid for the video services / audio podcast service, it will not be refunded at all.
Medical Consultancy – Medical consultancy services are refundable only in the case when an appointment is rescheduled for any other time. Amount cannot be refunded for no-show by consumer.
Lab Services – The lab service booking is a refundable service in the case, if service is not used on the given time and canceled 4 hours before the sample collection scheduled time.
Ecommerce – any purchase of items other than services is governed by the ecommerce policy of that item, in the case of supplements or medicine, or raw material of the natural treatment is refundable against material return if the same is specified at the time of purchase. Some items like prescribed medicine, etc, will not be returned or refunded at any case.
Administrative Fees – The administrative fee of 5% is charged for the payment processing in case of refund processed.
Refund time will vary from 2 Hours to 7 working days, depending on the payment mode and method of refund.
Corporate User Payment and Refund Policy – Corporate user account and its membership work as per the terms of corporate user agreement.
The corporate user agreement (CUA) is a case-to-case basis agreement where many terms are assigned including the payment terms and fee amount. When membership is offered from a corporate account, there is a certain limit for members and members are not entitled to claim for change in plan, refund request or anything else.
Membership based on CUA (corporate user agreement ) can be used for further purchase of additional services, but existing service expiry and renewal based on corporate account only. Individual member not entitled to renew the account.
Non-Employment or change of company results in suspension of membership if corporate administrator manages account for its employees. As corporate membership administrator, can control all the member accounts including addition, activation, deactivation, deletion, or setting the account as master administrator.