Introducing Yogpath

Yogpath is a wellness network and technology platform that helps millions of people to live life happily with a holistic approach to wellness. Yogpath is engaged in Yoga, Meditation, Natural Therapy, and overall wellness for everyone. We are a global organization with the widest consumer reach for wellness and healthcare. Yogpath is working with a vast network of yoga Trainers, Yoga Maha Guru, Yoga professionals, Wellness professionals, Naturopathy practitioners, and Academics to help achieve the wellness target for everyone every day.  
Yogpath ecosystem encompasses online videos, online classes, group classes, personal wellness trainers, Yogpath wellness membership, training for trainers, education for everyone, Live classes of wellness, and community development for yoga and wellness globally.  
We are premium yoga and well-being company with global footprint and approach. Some of our USP's are as below.

  • Multilanguage  
  • Multi-Channel  
  • Largest professional network  
  • Global Footprint  
  • Robust technology Platform  
  • Authentic and evidence-based scientific approach  
Yogpath Provides multi-channel delivery of Yoga for the masses and some of the most popular are as below.  

Video on Demand – Millions of Videos to explore and find the perfect fit for your daily wellness. You can find the best yoga and wellness video from top Indian and global yoga personalities, helping you in basic yoga to advance yoga and prepare you for the competition and championship.  
Online Yoga – Want to explore yoga with an instructor from your home, chose from more than 100,000+ yoga professionals imparting online yoga classes each day in your time and languages.  
Yoga Therapy – Our scientific approach to yoga and wellness with holistic approaches and evidence based therapeutic yoga help you to heal your family in more than 300+ diseases and growing.  
Personal Yoga Trainer – Experience our wide network of yoga professionals at your doorstep, we help you find and choose the best suitable for your personal yoga training at your place. You can filter the professionals by price, qualification, expertise, experience, and location.  
Corporate Wellness – Join the network of corporate and gives holistic and scientific benefits of yoga and wellness program to your employees. It will help you to improve productivity, highest retention, and happier employees in your organization.  
Yoga Professional - Endless opportunities for yoga professionals provided by the yogpath contributor network and platform. You can join us to become the next yoga guru, increase your income and get regular certification and training from leading yoga personalities averaging more than 20+ years of experience in yoga education.  
Vision – Provide the best Yoga and wellness platform to everyone with affordability and accessibility, that helps in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  
Mission – Reach billion households for daily yoga and wellness, make everyone happy and content with our wellness plan for masses everywhere every time.  
So, join hands and make yoga an essential part of your daily wellness and get proven methods of yoga that improve your longevity, immunity, strength, mental health, and ultimate happiness in your life.