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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Yogpath Wellness Private Limited, and its affiliated brands henceafter called Wellness Platform or Yogpath understand the importance of privacy policy for the purpose of compliance and individual interest as well.
We ‎respect your ‎right to privacy and to transparency regarding the same. The Yogpath Policy document outlines how and why we collect information, use of the personal information, discloser of information, store and secure your personal information,  deletion of your personal information as well as your rights in connection with your personal information. Subject to the country of residence and service country. There is some right might be varies from one country to another in storing, sharing and collecting of the information, here we will outline the privacy policy that is comprehensive and will adhere the Privacy policy terms of India, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for European union,  The Privacy Act of 1974, as amended to present for United State of America.  In the case any other places where different than the mentioned privacy policy required, Yogpath general privacy policy of India applied in such cases.
We at Yogpath use all personal information for managing the activity of consumer, business, corporate and partners and understand that protecting private information from misuse, copy, misrepresent is very important and work accordingly.
 Yogpath use personal information and permission based additional information from website, mobile app, printed documents, agreement forms or any other document or sources that permissible to take personal or business information to manage and handle to account at Yogpath.
Why and what personal information we collect we collect Personal information
Yogpath collect personal information to provide customized offer, service, handle payment, prevent fraud on your account and provide services with our business partner network. We collect personal information from registration form, payment form, membership form, corporate agreement. and list from the corporate, business listing and business information form. We also collect personal information like age, weight, daily steps, Calories consumed, calories burned, current location, location history, food consumed, water intake, Medical Prescriptions, Health reports, consultancy reports, Work stress reports, takes seriously the security and protection of your personal information.  We collect these information to provide you customized and curated wellness services with help of our website / Mobile app / Partner network and professionals to improve your wellness goal.
Yogpath compliance management team is responsible for managing all the privacy legislation. You can reach with any question at compliance@yogpath.org
Some of the Personal information we collecting for each person are as below
 – name and contact information, including home address, home, business and mobile phone numbers, email address,
– your photograph  (e.g. for ID cards/passes or for Modo Yoga’s customer relationship system
– your image (in connection with use of security cameras in our office or studio)
– payment card information, bank account information
– health information relevant to your participation in yoga and related activities
– purchase/transaction history on Yogpath wellness Platform
Information you choose to provide in person, over the telephone, through our website ‎, through our Mobile Apps or through other means of communication with you, such ‎as ChatBot, Instagram, and Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
Information you share for the business handling, account management or contributor account management, along with friends information, family background, professional preferences, information collected from your social media platform that show your interest, ethnic or  social and person inclination of politics and policies at large.
Your emergency contact, Signature if required or any other personal information in your connection.
The purpose of these information collection as below, but limited
We may collect, use or disclose your personal information for some or all of the following purposes:
Create a customer account or business account for your use. To provide suitable communication of new products, service, offers, discounts or communicate in general for any purpose in relation to business activities.
We collecting these information to provide Machine Learning Based recommended health advice and wellness advice that help you to achieve the goal of Weight, fitness, Yoga, Wellness, Lifestyle disease or any cure for ailments that reported to our professional or network of business partner in connection with your services.
We are collecting these information to provide you membership card for visit of studio (our partner studio) of  yoga/ spa / wellness center / Lab center / Message Center / GYM / Fitness Studio   for the purpose to attend the pre appointed sessions  with professional or individually as cases may be.
The collected information also used at the time of purchase of any services from the platform and business network include the content membership, Podcasting, Yoga Classes, Therapy classes, Therapy courses, Consultancy for Wellness, Coach consultancy and other services as may be change time by time.
The provided information help us in scheduling , connecting and communicating the scheduled online classes, offline studio visit , download of the content, view of the content on website , mobile app, our OTT platform or receive email notification for the scheduled webinar , events or activities that help you in knowledge and wellness goal.
Information shared by you also used for the purpose of feedback about current services and response to the professional result from the services.
We are using available personal information for marketing promotion of products and services, survey, information of closer of studio or classes, provide latest news and information regarding any changes in policy or regulatory requirements. Closing of your account due to any unmatched condition of service or fair use policy violations.
Some time information used from your device location, your weight , BMI, age group, Gender, Handsets make model, Camera Uses, Video view, Content read etc. to streamline the curated offering and content that help you in achieving the goal of wellness. This information may be classified and sent directly by Yogpath or its partner network include the advertisement partner, Brand sponsors, Content syndication network, Email service Providers, WhatsApp Bot, Automated Notification platform of your mobile Phone, SMS services of Mobile network services or anyone else.
Our Cookies policy
When you visit the Yogpath website, open Yogpath mobile app, a small text files known as “cookies” may ‎be stored on your ‎computer’s hard drive (or on your phone or PDA). We customize certain Web page content ‎based on your browser-type or other ‎information provided by our cookie. Yogpath, does not use cookies to retrieve ‎personal information about you ‎from your devices include computer, IPad or mobile devices. If you reject the cookie, you will still be able to ‎browse our site; ‎however, certain functionalities may not be available to you if you disable cookies.  We may use cookies and other automated devices and applications, such as Google Analytics, to evaluate usage of our websites, including devices designed for mobile apps. To learn more about Google’s privacy practices, please review the Google Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/. You can also download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on to limit data from being used by Google Analytics at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.  Currently Yogpath website or mobile app do not respond to web browser “Do Not Track” signals.
The cookies and other retrieved account information sometime might be used by enforcement authority and in such case, we assist them by providing the information in good-faith that regionally suitable to conclude the requirements of enforcement. The information shared to any regulatory authority does not get notified to consumer or user at any time unless instructed by the enforcement authority to do so.
Information Sharing and Disclosure
Yogpath not selling any personal information data to anyone, we also not disclosed personal information to brand or partner that not need to interact with customer directly for any services. In the case of online services availed by consumer from business partners, they only receive information as classified as business data that dose not include any personal information at all. However we do share the information to companies, partner or business that required those data to serve you. Some of the given example are as below for such incident of data sharing.
Service Providers – Any service providers, professional, business partner, Brand , Community that directly interacting with you to provide services will get your personal data on exclusive basis for the current use only. Those entity are not authorized to store the data for any future action on person information and once the service is closed they suppose to delete the personal information from server, if service required is one time type. In the case when service is repeated in nature they need your information on regular basis, in that case they are entitled to store the data on there personal system to retrieve and serve you.
Optout Services – You are entitled to opted out the services of communication as per applicable law. Email can be opted out, WhatsApp Notification you can opted out, You can also stop call by subscribing to DND services, in case of SMS you can stop the same by DND as well.
The Information can also be shared with brand where you want to be the contributor or influencer so accordingly your information get shared to brand only in such case where your profile need to review to know your social media influence, your test, culture or any other information that is available in social media platform for public view or any specific information that you shared while opted-in for the service of such campaign or activities.
Content Sharing.  Content (meaning any materials, including, without limitation, text, pictures, graphics, sound files and other files and the selection and arrangement thereof, the “Content”) that you make available publicly on our website is generally displayed to other visitors to the website. We also may use the Content you share with us on our other online platforms, social media accounts, and in our promotional videos and content. Content that you make available publicly may be collected and used by others as well, and we cannot control what other users do with this Content.
Yogpath is a global community online. So information shared can be stored and retrieved in any of the country and those are governed by the local privacy policy, however primary storing of data for Indian consumer will be in India Data Center as per the data policy law of India. In similar manner other country data sharing and storing terms will be apply and accepted, however when you share information in public, those publicly shared data can not be controlled by our process and hence those data ,might be stored outside of the permitted network and you agree to do so. In the case you do not want to agree with such terms, you have the option to delete the account and remove all data permanently from our server. We can help doing so, in such case if there is any payment pending you need to clear the payment and then your data and account will be deleted from our server. This dose not mean that publicly available information removed from the internet, we only responsible for our server data and hence we delete the account it mean those data permanently deleted from our server.
Takeover and Management Change
While the case of data sharing and privacy applied to new entity that takeover the Yogpath and its brand. You will get notice at least 30 days in advance to delete the data or agree with new entity privacy policy. In case you do not respond to the action than, new entity assume that you agree with new data policy and hence all data policy applied to your personal data will be as per the terms of new entity. In such scenario Yogpath not Having any legal liability after 30 days of such takeover notice to consumer.
When any such takeover or merger of the companies happen all asset of business need transfer of hands. Hence transfer of your personal data is part of that asset transfer include medical data and personal user data, payment card information, account, and address etc.
Aggregate Data.  We may share aggregated, de-identified or anonymized information (i.e. non-identifiable information) with third parties, such as usage statistics or demographic trends regarding our users. This data does not include personal information.
‎Modification Rights:
You have the right to access or correct your personal information held by Yogpath, subject to certain conditions and exceptions set out in applicable privacy legislation. 
You may opt out of marketing/promotional communications or withdraw your consent to same at any time by clicking ‎the unsubscribe link of email, or by sending an email request to: ‎unsubscribe@Yogpath.org or by adjusting your subscription settings in your account, from within the App, or within ‎yogpath website.‎ 
Yogpath provide open permission for modification of any data by consumer itself, from the edit button of my account or setting button on mobile app. The corrected data or data modification can be of personal type, payment card type, residential address type etc. However any data shared like transction , purchases, Medical reports etc are not changeable and those can not be edited or modified at any point of time by anyone.  
In the case when personal information modified but not verified like mandatory email verification, mandatory mobile verification than account might loose the access and your all available subscription, payment in account or available credit are get lost. So be careful while doing any change in the product and services.
Linking to other websites
Yogpath sometimes provides links to other organizations’ ‎websites. Unless we ‎expressly say otherwise, a link to another website does not mean ‎that we are responsible for, or that we ‎endorse the content or policy of that website. ‎When you provide information at one of those sites, you ‎are subject to that site’s ‎privacy policy, and yogpath not held responsible for any consequences of loss of money, information sharing, or whatsoever. We encourage you to read that website’s policy before submitting ‎any ‎information if you have concerns about how information may be collected or used.‎
Yogpath takes reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information.  This includes physical, operational and technological measures and safeguards.
Yogpath retains personal information as long as needed to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected, along with reasonable enforcement policy timeline that allowed to retain the data for the purpose to identity the business transaction at large.
Changes of Privacy Policy ‎
Time by time Yogpath may change or update the privacy policy may deem it necessary or appropriate, or if enforcement required to change so. Those changes are notified to users and updated on website page of privacy policy.  Changes will happen if there is any ‎changes in privacy-related laws, regulations, or ‎industry standards. Accordingly, Yogpath ‎ reserves the right to ‎change this privacy policy at any time by posting the revised ‎policy on its website and App without any prior information to consumer. However we notified to registered user in such case and if regulatory framework required to re-accept the privacy policy to continue, than you have to do so. Failing which services and account may be get closed or deactivated. ‎
Contact Detail for Privacy Policy
Yogpath Wellness Private Limited,
Legal and Compliance Department
LU-105 Pitampura delhi 110034, or email at compliance@yogpath.org
Please remember to include your full name, email address and phone number with your ‎correspondence .‎  Last Updated 12-01-2022