Weight Loss with Yoga

Introducing the fastest way to reduce weight and body fat at home with YOGA. Learn from experts with proven methods, techniques, and processes that reduce a minimum of 5 KG per month without changing your food behavior.

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The workshop is designed by same expert team
that created the world's most popular and only money-back guarantee based weight-loss program on Yoga and Yogic Practice.

Learn the same methods, techniques, and processes that assure the fastest weight loss without any diet plan by only practicing Yoga.
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06 Feb 2023
Exclusive Offer
Instructed by
Shivam Bharadwaj

7 Years experience as Yoga Instructor

Languages - English, Hindi

Who can Attend this Workshop ?

Home Makers
Working Professionals
Fatty People
Want to Reduce Weight Fast
Free Weight Loss At Home
No Diet Plan Weight Loss
Planning Weight-Loss program
Scientific methods of Weight-loss
Ready to Lose weight Fast
Want to Get in Shape
Toned Body Shape
Fast Weight Loss Program
Learn Weight-loss at Home

How The Program Work?

Live Session
A Live Session Power pack with proven methods with experts team
Video On Demand
A resourceful video for regular at-Home Practice to reduce weight
Complete Q & A Session to resolve all your queries instantly.

What will you learn in Program ?

Complete Explained Methods of Weight Loss
Yoga based Fast weight Loss technique
New Method of Power Yoga for Weight Loss
No Diet Based plan for weight Loss
Session 2
One to One Question Answer
Recorded Video for Daily Practice
Additional Methods for Creatiing your Weight Loss Program
Immunity Boosting Method
Practical of Yogic Weight Loss Program

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Meet the Team Behind Program

Shivam Bharadwaj
Worked with
Founder of

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Learn From Experts Workout At-Home
  • Get Minimum 5 KG Monthly Weight-Loss
  • Understand the Concept of Body
  • How FAT Generated in Your Body
  • Free VIdeo Lesson for Daily Practice
  • Scientific Design Program for Permanent Weight-loss with Improved Immunity, Strenght and Stamina.
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30 Days Free Unlimited WhatsApp Consultancy Included
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By the end of workshop, you will be able to Know

Practical Methods of Yoga for Weight Loss
How to Practice At Home
NO Equipment Yoga Practice for weight Loss
Additional Fitness Tips and Tricks
How to Reduce Weight at Home
Yoga Poses and practice for Weight Loss
Power Yoga for Weight Loss
Community network of Weight-loss Program
Proven Method of Weight Loss using Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions for weight loss workshop

The Weight Loss workshop program is a scientific method based Weight-loss program , by using this you able to learn the methods and tool of weight-loss. This program is designed for Self-service based weight-loss at home for everyone.
This workshop is for everyone, if you are working professional and want to learn the method to reduce weight without much efforts, you can do the same. Similarly , if you are students, Home maker or anyone with not fixed schedule for exercise, you can find the best method for fast belly fat reduction, weight-loss, weight management using yoga. This will includes the Power yoga for weight-loss, Weight loss best yoga, Yoga for weight loss, sequence of yoga for weight loss, effective method for weight loss, easy way to lose weight and similar methods.
Sorry, but this program is not having any refund policy. the payment is non-refundable and non-transferable to any other program.
this is masterclass so you will get all the information in total two session of 1 Hours in same day or maximum two days. After completion of the sessions you can ask questions and our experts will answer those.
No issue for that. For first 30 Days you can ask your question from our experts and they will answer the same for you. The exclusive access of WhatsApp chat will be available free of cost for first 30 days.
Yes, of course you can reschedule the same by writing us over email with your booking id. the program can be rescheduled with ease.
Yes, You will get complete set of video , that will be available on your account of yogpath mobile app. you can keep checking those video for practice and continue your practice along with that video for optimal results.
Yogpath Weight-loss program with a money-back guarantee designed by a team of Yogic Scientists, Nutritionists, Fitness professionals, and Lifestyle Coaches. Evidence-based yogic practice from expert yoga coaches along with our consultants helps you to become FAT to Fab within 4 Months. A Natural method and Yogic practice that works permanently losing weight and extra body fat. Yogpath Weight Loss Program is a proven system of Yoga poses, Online Live yoga Classes, Yoga Practice with Instructor that focus on reducing your weight and body fat with just 1 Hours of daily yoga based practice in guidance of experts. Our Yoga based fat and weight-loss program not required too much change in overall diet plan or practice and it will work for everyone. Weight-loss program with experts can help to get highest reduction of weight without any side effect or energy loss.
As per our Experts , a 60 minutes of daily practice as per provided instruction is best for reducing 5 KG in a month without changing your diet and food style.
This program and style is based on yogic method and yoga practice. normally you have to continue some practice for regular reversal of weight. If you left the practice and not opted for any kind of physical activity than for sure your weight will get increased again.
Saturated fats. Less than 10% of your calories should come from saturated fats, say government dietary guidelines. Not eating one type of food doesn't translate to cutting overall calories. Besides, fat can help you feel full after eating, which may curb your desire for seconds or dessert. Your body needs some dietary fat to function. Replace butter and processed foods with more healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, cold water fish, tofu, avocado, and small amounts of nuts. Although lowering saturated fat isn't magical for weight loss, it is beneficial for overall health.