Longevity - Breathing and Yogic Practice

Longevity - Breathing and Yogic Practice

A healthy lifestyle in this world full of thousands of diseases is very essential. Everyone is busy making money and living a luxurious life, but that affects their health to the point that their life span decreases.

Earning money is a need, but living a healthy life is a necessity. The duration of longevity is influenced by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. All we can do is clean our environment and surroundings and have a good lifestyle. Practicing yoga can be a good option for a healthy lifestyle. Studies say if an individual practises yoga regularly, their lifespan can increase by up to 20 years or more.

02 Mar 2024
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Instructed by
Acharya Deepchand Kausik

44+ Years experience as Yoga Guru

Languages - Hindi

Who can Join the Session ?

Senior Citizens
Fitness Experts
Person Looking for Life Improvements
Person Looking for Life Improvements
Healthcare Professional
Working Womens
House Wife

How does the Session Delivered?

On-Demand videos
Get Recorded videos for your practice after completion of session. All recorded video can be accessed from App
Live Session
Live Session with Mentor and Consultants along with questionnaires and feedback session.

What will you learn?

Session 1
Introduction of Healthy lifestyle
How to Improve immunity
Role of Flexibility in Longivity
Active Lifestyle
Session 2
Healthy Organs
Diet and Longevity
Tips and Tricks for Longevity
Video and Other Materials for Practice
A community of Yogic Scientiest Access

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Meet your Mentor

Acharya Deepchand Kausik
Worked with
Founder of

Program Details

Launch Offer
Masterclass Longevity  Using Yoga
  • How Lifespan Change with Yoga
  • Understand the Principle of Mind Body and Soul
  • Practice Best Food for Mind body and soul
  • Know how to Improve Balance in Life
  • Get Bonus Worths Rs 2400 With Workshop
30 Days Free Unlimited WhatsApp Consultancy Included
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By the end of workshop, you will be able to

How Yoga Help in Longivity
Scientific Proved Methods of Yoga
Daily Practice handy Video
Able to Do Daily Yoga Yourself
Understand the Body and Its Role
Get Connected with Yogtic Community
Improved Immunity

Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the Crash Course at the top of the page.

A: No, Our Program is non refundable and non-transferable

A: Our Bench of 10+ Yoga Scientist with more than 20+ years of practical experience in Yogic methods design the program.

A: Yes, Upto 30 Days you can ask any question over whatsapp number and our Expert Yoga professionals will answer Your Queries.