Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga for Stress Management

The scale of mental disorders in India accounts for nearly 15 percent of the global mental health burden. India also faces a vast treatment gap.

Around 80% Indian workforce reports mental health issues in 2022. Isolation, loneliness, disconnection, depression, suicide, anger, anxiety are issues which have taken a front seat especially in the last few years when our country was busy fighting the Covid – 19 pandemics along with the rest of the world.

Yoga and meditative practice are the best and most settle way to get relieves from all mental health issue.

This workshop of 2 Hours gives you complete rescue plan how to manage your mental health and get benefits from the experiences of 25+ years of Yogic practice and research works of our coach.

17 Jul 2023
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Instructed by
Dr. Vikram Singh

25+ Years experience as Professional

Languages - English

Who Can Attend this Program ?

Yoga Instructors
YTT Trainers
Yoga Professionals
Anyone Looking for Vinaysa Flow

How we deliver the Program ?

Recorded Video Session
total 10 Hours of Recorded Video for the complete understanding of vinayasa flow
Q and A session , more depth discussion and query resolution on our dedicated Chat network. or WhatsApp Group

What will you learn?

lesson 1
Concept of vinyasa Flow
lesson 2
Learning breathing techniques
lesson 3
Improving Yoga postures
lesson 4
Sequencing Breathe and postures
lesson 5
Questions and vinyasa Flow.

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Get Certified

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Yogpath Certification
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Meet your Mentor

Dr. Vikram Singh
More than 40+ years of experience in Vinayasa Flow, Hath Yoga, RAJ Yoga and winner of multiple awards.
Worked with
Founder of

Classes Details and Price

Mental Wellbeing Played
  • Get hands on Experience about mental Wellbeing
  • Lecture and Theories of 60 Min
  • practical Overview - 60 Minutes
  • Special Bonus Video of 10 Hours
  • complete Stress management tooling practice for you
  • Breathing, Asansa, Mudra and Meditative Practice
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By the end of workshop, you will be able to

Learn Vinayasa Flow
Understand the difference between hatah and Vinayasa
Able to Practice on Your Own
Able to Teach your students
Able to Enjoy Lifetime health benefits


A: Yes