Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra is the state of awakened sleep where an individual is conscious but gets the benefits of deep sleep. Yog Nidra relaxes your mind and body and provides you with the benefits of 8 hours of sleep in just 30 minutes. People who suffer from insomnia can practice Yog Nidra for better sleep and steadily their problem of sleeplessness can be cured.
 It is also beneficial in stress management and provides effective relief from depression and anxiety.

30 Mar 2023
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Instructed by
Karuna Ahuja

12 years experience as Individual

Skills - Yoga nidra, Ariel Yoga, Artistic Yoga, Meditation Experience, Ashtanga yoga

Languages - English

Who Can Attend This ?

IT Professional
Insomnia Patients
Working Womens
New parents
Digital Marketers
Any one looking for batter sleep

How This Program Work?

Live Session
A Live Webinar with Seasoned Professional having 30+ Years meditative Practice
Video On Demand
Complete Set of videos for daily practice and more
complete q & A session within the program and there after 30 days whatsApp interaction to resolve queries, if any

What will you learn?

lesson 1
Yog Nidra introduction and procedure.
Meditative Methods
DRT Technique for quick relaxation
Yoga Practice for Good Sleep
Remedies and Food Guidance for Sleeplessness

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Learn About Your Mentor

Karuna Ahuja
A Yoga professional with 20+ years of practice, currently working withShri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University as professor.

Dr ramesh is world Yoga Champion and more than 6 Time gold medalist in Indian national yoga competition.

A sucessful guidance and education to more than 20,000 students till date provided by Dr Ramesh Kumar within the entire career.

Worked with
Founder of

Pricing Details

Best price
Masterclass Yog Nidra

Learn the Yog Nidra technique
DRT ( deep relexation technique ) from Experts
QRT Methods and its Impact on Your Body
Proven Meditative System that Helps to relax and Sleep
Gain Insight of How Sleep Work for Better health

30 Days Free Unlimited WhatsApp Consultancy Included

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By the end of workshop, you will be able to

Quick relaxation technique
meditative Yoga for Sleep
Daily Yogic Practice for Sleep
Impact of sleep on your Body
Improved Immunity with Yoga
Lifetime community of Yogic Learners


A: Sorry, this workshop is non refundable

A: yes, that is possible, each workshop running on several days every week with limited seats and access. so if you want to change the day you can send email to us and we will change the schedule access of the same for you.

A: You need to download Yogpath app to view the video. the video will be available on your My account and My Program section. the video will be available for upto 1 years from the date of workshop for you.