one to one personal online yoga classes with top yoga instructor

One to One Personal

one to one personal online yoga classes with top yoga instructor

One to One Personal

Covering more than 105 Chronic and Lifestyle diseases.

Start your well-being with Yogpath to achieve your healthy goal.
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How One-to-one Personal Session Work

1 How One-to-one Personal Session Work

One-to-one personal online yoga classes by yogpath are perfect and the best way to achieve the highest wellness using authentic Indian yogic practice as your tool for well-being. Our one-to-one personal online yoga classes have more than 800 yoga teachers with an average experience of 7 years onwards. For the entry-level, we have teachers available for as low as rs 500 per session per hour, and for advanced and eminent yoga teachers, these can go up to 15,000 per hour per session as well. You have the option to choose the best suitable yoga teacher that suits your requirements, budget, language, health goal, and many other search criteria.

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Set your own time

2 Set your own time

One to One session can be scheduled as per your requirements and the available time of the yoga instructor. The ongoing communication and coordination with yoga teachers are directly accessible on mobile apps and also using transformation coach WhatsApp. The one-to-one session also comes with some additional advantages like only doubt clearing with a yoga teacher and practicing at your, this hybrid model gives you cost-effectiveness and also time to practice and learn things yourself.  As and when you find that there is something you need to query for you can schedule the class and then indulge with our expert yoga teacher for more clear alignment corrections.

Key benefits

3 Key benefits

1 Choose your time schedule.
2 Flexible practice with any instructor
3 High experienced instructors at a fractional cost
4 Personalised healthcare advice from expert instructors  
5 Ontime and online at your schedule  
6 Unlimited Health Topics Covered
7 Long terms packages with deep-discount available
8 Live Streaming membership for additional practice
9 Consume Per Session with no expiry of the package.    
10 Change your instructor with a single WhatsApp to a Transformation coach.   

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A: One-to-one personal yoga classes of yogpath are not just any other yoga session online out there. This service is designed to perform best and provide the highest result for the reversal of lifestyle disease and overall wellness. The program is designed with supported services of live streaming for additional practice, a dedicated transformation coach for the management of personal requirements including a diet plan, etc. this is only a personal one-to-one yoga session that gives you the opportunity to work with more than one yoga instructor at the same time as per your real requirements.

One-to-one personal online yoga classes are individualized yoga lessons that are conducted over the internet, allowing for a private, customized experience for the student. The classes are usually conducted through a video conferencing platform and are taught by our qualified yoga instructor. The classes are tailored specifically to the student's needs and goals, offering a unique and personalized approach to practicing yoga.

A: This is a unique approach of how pricing works that allowed you to get maximum benefits. You need to buy a bundle of the session like 50 sessions, 100 sessions, and 200 sessions, and then use those as and when you take classes with our personal yoga teacher. The entry-level yoga teacher price is the overall same so you will be charged with a similar per-session deduction.

However, for revered yoga gurus with extensive experience, costs are higher and if you choose them for your session then additional charges will be applied and then also deducted from the overall session purchased already.

A: Fair enough, if you are not like our innovative pricing that saves you more money and flexibility with yoga gurus then you can opt for the monthly standard prices as well. The standard monthly price cover 22 classes of 1 hour each and the cost will be in the range of Rs 8000 to 250000 as per the expertise of the yoga guru. Monthly price structures with a lower session per month like 12 sessions monthly for alternate-day classes are also available.

A: If you opted for monthly sessions, there is no additional material available for practice. However, you have the option to get a yearly live-streaming subscription at a very nominal price to continue your practice. This live-streaming subscription is bundled free of cost with the pay-per-session-based pricing structure, where you can get unlimited practical session options after the classes.

The live streaming also provides advanced and more important information, such as step-by-step guides, the benefits of certain poses, and how to practice those poses.

A: You can use the same username and password that you created while registering. You need to go to the "my account" section, and there you will find your booked personal one-on-one classes or sessions, and all other details like schedule, time, yoga instructor profile, preparation before practice, equipment requirements, etc.

A: Yogpath covers more than 105 lifestyle healing topics, and each topic is available for personal one-to-one classes. However, if your topic is not among the given topics, it can still be covered in the personal one-to-one classes. Therefore, there is no limit, and the class is personalized to suit your needs. Additionally, topics can be changed at a later stage.

For beginners, we advise starting with the fundamentals of yogic science and progressing toward the next steps and goals in the coming days. Our hybrid learning approach gives you the freedom to switch from one-to-one to interactive to live-streaming classes at any time to attain your highest health goals for a lifetime.

A: The process of changing topics is the same as changing instructors. You are free to change your topics for interactive group classes as well. The changes in interactive group class topics will be available in your "my account" section. Once you change the topic with a similar instructor or a new instructor, you need to pay the price difference. If the newly chosen topic costs less, you will receive additional days for the new topic on a pro-rata basis.

A: The "my account" section is the central dashboard for all your activities, bookings, classes, sessions, notifications, and more. So, you can find everything you need in one place.

A: Missed classes are counted as consumed sessions and hence it will be billed. However, if you are pre-planned and you find no time to go to classes on any given day, you can simply pause the classes 24 Hours before the start of the session, this way your session is get saved and no money will be charged in such poses. Once the session is paused you need to restart again and after restarting if the yoga teacher is available or not available needs to be checked by the system. You can do the same things using your transformation coach as well.

A: We provide multiple payment modes, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallet payment, UPI payments, and PayPal. For Indian consumers, PayPal is not available. PayPal is only available for international consumers, along with credit cards. We also provide interest-free EMI for up to 12 months while making payments. So, choose your card provider and get interest-free EMI for up to 12 months and a deep-discounted rate for 12 months of interactive group session booking.

A: These bookings are exclusive and non-refundable in nature. However, if you want to pause your booking for some time, you can do so. This way, your booking can be consumed at any other time. Also, if you want to convert your booking from one-to-one personal classes to interactive group sessions or live-streaming subscriptions, you can do so. For these changes, you need to write to us at, and our team will be in touch with you and do the best possible changes that are allowed within the booking and refund policies.

A: Absolutely, you can get a GST invoice. To get the GST invoice, you need to provide GST information in your "my account" section. If you add your GST information once, all purchases thereafter will automatically be GST invoices. In case you want to change or update your GST information, you need to provide the same before the end of the month to get the current month's GST invoice on your current bill.

A: Simply book the session and your personal yoga instructor will look into the topics you are interested in and provide you with classes and sessions accordingly. In the case your provided yoga teacher feels that the given subject is not the perfect fit for their kind of expertise, they can report the same to the transformation coach and then the transformation coach will take care of it and reallocate another yoga teacher with the expertise of that topic.

A: The primary language of instruction is Hindi and English. However, we also have regional language experts who speak languages other than Hindi and English. The details of the language spoken in a particular class are available at the time of booking.

A: Yogpath's corporate headquarters are in New Delhi. However, our classes are conducted online from our studio or directly from the Hub center or Yoga Instructor House, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, an internet connection, and quiet spaces for perfect yoga sessions.

A: Yoga does not require any specific equipment to practice. You just need your own yoga mat, a water bottle, an internet connection, and either a laptop or a large-screen TV. If those are not available, you can join us from your mobile devices. You also need a quiet space where you can concentrate on your yogic practice and the class.

A: Yes, pausing is available, which will save you time and money. You can buy the session from our introductory offer and then start anytime when you are free and have time to start. However, I would recommend starting now because for good health, your time is now, and losing even a single day can be a higher burden on your health and life balance. So, book and start today.

A: Transfer of the account within the family is available, but outside of the family is not available. So, if you want to transfer the booking to someone in your family, you can do it freely by asking the same at

A: The booking is for a single person only, so only one can practice. However, if you are looking for a couples booking, then first book the session for yourself and send the request for a couples booking, and we will send you a discounted rate for the second booking for your spouse.

A: The personal one-to-one session is an interactive class, so you need to open the camera for sure. If you wish to not open the camera at all, then I advise booking the live streaming session where you do not need to open the camera at all. For all queries about Live streaming, you can visit the live streaming subscription section.

A: The recommended device is a large TV connected to your mobile phone as a mobile cast or a laptop with a TV screen attached. The idea is to give you a better view when you check the yoga teacher's actions and set your tone according to the instruction. However, if you have limited access to a large screen, you can use your mobile device for the practice as well.

A: You do not need any prior experience in yoga to join interactive group classes. However, if you are not comfortable with how it works, you can book a free session of discussion with the yoga teacher to understand the process and proceed to the next step.

A: Each interactive group class comes with one transformation coach. For real-time queries within the class, you can ask the yoga instructor. For all other queries, you can WhatsApp the transformation coach, and they will answer as soon as possible. The estimated response time for a standard query is 24 hours, and any specific emergency query can be resolved within 4 hours of time.

A: Yes, our one-to-one personal classes have a diet plan and food plan, you can WhatsApp to transformation coach after filling up the wellness form and you will get the diet plan duly verified by the nutritionist.