Live-Stream essential subscription for online yoga classes

Live Stream Essential

Live-Stream essential subscription for online yoga classes

Live Stream Essential

An excellent tool for beginning your Yoga journey and acquiring the skill of mind-body fitness

Live Stream essential gives you Unlimited Streaming, Lifestyle disease healing, anytime anywhere access. As low as Rs. 240 Monthly*. Subscribe Today
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Live streaming yoga subscription is an easy and fast way to learn yoga and practice directly from your home. Live streaming yoga subscription from yogpath gives you the highest quality practice experience directly from home. With 4K quality streaming of unlimited topics. A Yogpath subscription is the best tool to start your wellness journey just by spending less than 1 Coffee cost per day.

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Key Benefits of Online Yoga Live Streaming Subscription

2 Key Benefits of Online Yoga Live Streaming Subscription

1 Unlimited Streaming session
2 At-Home Comforts
4 Unlimited Topics to Choose
5 personalization and multi-language  
6 WhatsApp Support
7 Transformation Coach Access
8 Cost Effective

Personalized and Cost Effective

3 Personalized and Cost Effective

Live stream classes and therapy sessions can be personalized to meet individual needs and goals. The teacher or therapist can provide one-on-one guidance and adjustments to help students achieve their objectives. You will get all these delivered in English or Hindi. Coming soon more regional and global languages for the services.  Our personalize session and customization of your classes as per your Body type, physical condition, work conditions, and time condition will be set directly by you or it can be done by our transformation coach.
Cost-effective: Live stream classes and therapy sessions are often less expensive than in-person sessions, making them a more cost-effective option.
Time-saving: Live stream classes and therapy sessions save time by eliminating the need to travel to a studio or therapist's office. This can be especially beneficial for busy individuals with limited free time.
Increased comfort: Practicing yoga or attending therapy from home can provide a greater sense of comfort and ease, allowing individuals to fully relax and focus on their practice or therapy session.
Variety: Live stream yoga classes and therapy sessions offer a wide variety of styles and practices to choose from, allowing individuals to find the practice or therapy that works best for them.
Community: Live stream yoga classes and therapy sessions can foster a sense of community among participants, allowing individuals to connect and support each other in their practice or therapy journey.
Consistency: Live stream yoga classes and therapy sessions can help individuals maintain a consistent practice or therapy schedule, which can be key to achieving long-term results.
Privacy: Live stream yoga classes and therapy sessions can provide a greater sense of privacy, allowing individuals to practice or receive therapy in the comfort of their own home without worrying about being seen or judged by others.

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Unlimited Streaming

4 Unlimited Streaming

Look no further, get unlimited streaming of yoga practice, meditation, Yog Nidra, Pain Management, and other lifestyle illness topic that are most important for your healthy life always.  This unlimited session helps you to get in shape with at-home practice anytime.

Live stream classes and therapy sessions make yoga and therapy more accessible to those who may have physical limitations or live in areas without access to local studios or therapists.
At Home Comforts

Live stream yoga classes and therapy sessions offer the convenience of practicing from the comfort of your own home. No need to travel to a studio or therapist's office, saving time and money.

Unlimited Topics
No matter what topic or health issue you are facing now, Live streaming sessions by experts are available on all topics. So, you can choose the topics and practice. The wisdom of Yogic practice and blended delivery of sessions give you an in-depth understanding and additional motivation to continue the practice and get benefited for a lifetime.

Lifestyle Healing

5 Lifestyle Healing

Lifestyle healing solution that helps you to revese using 6 pillars of lifestyle healing along with yogic practice. this will included your lifetime happiness and complete healing for years to come. 

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Live Sessions

Live Sessions

Anytime Access

Anytime Access


A: Yes, we are providing a free trial of up to 7 days. Choose your subscription period and provide all the details; you will get a free 7-day trial period for all packages. Payment validation is mandatory for the trial period, and after the trial, you will be charged from your provided payment method.

A: Sure, we provide easy GST invoice management from your "My Account" section. Simply visit the "Payment and Billing" section and update your GST information to get a GST invoice. Please note that a GST invoice is only created before the end of the calendar month. If you miss the information and do not update it before the end of the calendar month, we will not revise the GST invoice. To get an automated GST invoice, please update your GST information at the beginning of your account.
All prices are inclusive of GST in Indian rupees, and for other currencies, prices are inclusive of GST with the exception of GST.

A: Yes, outside India you can join the program.

A: Yes, you can pay in EMI as well. Our payment service providers offer many options for EMI. You just need to use an eligible credit card to make the payment in EMI. We provide up to 12 months of interest-free EMI. If you need to pay in more than 12 months, then you have to pay additional interest as per the terms of the bank and the provided credit card's terms of interest in EMI options.

A: Online yoga live streaming is a subscription-based streaming service offered by Yogpath. By subscribing to this service, you will have access to over 500+ topics and daily video lessons from over 4500 top yoga instructors on various subjects such as weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD, PCOC, flexibility, strong muscles, tight hips, respiratory wellness, fatty liver, insomnia, stress management, and more.

A: The validity of subscription will be as per your selected subscription package. If you subscribe for one months than 30 days will be the subscription period and thereafter it will auto renew your package for next 30 days if your payment methods is active and valid.

A: Validity is calculated based on the date of subscription start and the chosen subscription period. Many times, our subscription period does not start from the date of payment because several of our services require manual validation. Once validated, then the subscription starts.

A: The live streaming subscription is available for all devices, so you can use it from your desktop, mobile, or mobile app. TV access to programs will also be available soon.

A: We provide all supported payment methods. For Indian consumers, payment methods include UPI, credit card, debit card, net banking, Paypal, wallet payments, and pay-later credit from providers. For international consumers, payment methods include credit card, debit card, and Paypal. For mobile app users, in-app subscription is also available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for better management of payments and subscriptions.

A: When your subscription period expires, your live streaming subscription will be automatically renewed

A: The Yogpath online yoga live streaming subscription is one of the best ways to learn yoga directly from home. We are committed to providing you with the best online yoga learning experience and online yoga classes from the comfort of your home. The classes are unlimited and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an internet connection. There are more than 500 topics included in the live streaming sessions, and new topics and courses are added regularly. You can choose the topic or goal of your online yoga session and start learning. Additionally, the goal and topic can be changed within the given subscription period as well, whenever you want. This gives you the freedom to learn the best yoga from top yoga instructors that is affordable and responsive.

A: Our live streaming service is available 24/7, so you can use it at any time. Some of our program deliveries are time-stamped. If the program or topic you choose is time-stamped, you will receive a daily notification at a given time before the start of the session.

A: The Yogpath's live streaming essential subscription comes with free WhatsApp chat support with a transformation coach. However, this package does not include a transformation coach assigned to you. Once you send a query on WhatsApp, one of our transformation coaches will answer your queries and resolve them. You can raise your questions, and our experts will respond within 48 hours for sure.

A: The most popular topics are related to stress, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, lifestyle diseases, and meditation. However, new topics are added regularly, so there is no limit to the number of topics covered by the live streaming subscriptions.

A: The duration of each class and session depends on the instructor and the course guide. Some of them are as short as 5 minutes, while others are 10 minutes long. Most of the daily practices range from 45 to 60 minutes per session. Monthly programs or courses have a minimum duration of 22 hours per month on any single topic, along with bonus videos and sessions ranging from 5 to 10 hours for the benefit of our consumers.

A: The live streaming subscription provides unlimited access 24 hours a day. There is no limit to how many sessions per day you can attend or how many programs you can choose. Each live-streaming subscription comes with special features, so if you are on a basic model, you will be provided with full access.

A: Many times, we provide bonus access to programs, workshops, and challenges. You can find these additional benefits in your account section. One of our most popular programs is called '30 days 30 Minutes of Yoga by 30 Yoga Professionals', which is offered for free with our inaugural offers. This is one of the best practice yoga programs, where 30+ yoga teachers with an average experience of 20 years come together to produce a set of 30 days course covering the top 30 most searched lifestyle diseases and their cure using yoga and Ayurvedic methods. Please note that this program is not available with all live streaming subscriptions, so please check and upgrade your subscription to get this amazing life-changing package that helps you achieve your health goals.

A: Daily live streaming classes mean that you will receive live streaming classes every day and new classes will be released at the designated time. Once the streaming is released for the day, you can access it at any time throughout the entire subscription period of your package.

A: The 'My Account' section of Yogpath is the main source of all your programs, subscriptions, memberships, and student management programs. So, everything will be in one place. It can also be accessed from the Yogpath mobile app. For practice, we advise using a large screen, such as a connected TV screen with your laptop or mobile, casting on your TV screen for the best depth, performance, and results from the program.