Live Stream subscription for online yoga, Start Lifestyle Healing

Yogpath Subscription

Live Stream subscription for online yoga, Start Lifestyle Healing

Rooted wellness is the key to lifelong happiness. Join our inaugural offer and receive a deep discount on your subscription.

what is Subscription?

Join the movement for your healthy lifestyle and complete well-being.

Introducing, Yogpath subscription, a lifetime journey for your daily health and wellness. Yogpath provides unmatched wellness tools that give you the best healing, healthy lifestyle, and a lot of actionable inspiration to be fit.

You can join our subscription as an individual or if your company using our subscription services, then you can use our service from that account as well.

Yogpath subscription works by offering users access to a variety of yoga classes, Yoga challenges, nutrition and wellness plan, tutorials, and other content through our online platform. The subscriber can pay a monthly or annual fee to access the content, which is usually available on-demand and can be streamed from any device with an internet connection. The best part of the content is that we have the highest number of yoga teachers working together to produce top-class content. Our approach of evidence-based wellness program helps you with more than 105+ ailments and lifestyle diseases.


How Subscription Works

a yoga subscription service provides a convenient and flexible way for users to practice yoga and improve their physical and mental well-being anytimr, anywhere on any device.


Subscribe Now

Manage health Now

Gain access to the widest yoga and wellness platform library with just a single subscription. Choose your preferred subscription period, type, and make a payment for quick activation.


Unlimited Practice

Set your Goals

Enjoy unlimited access to a variety of yoga sessions, microlearning programs, daily yoga practices, lifestyle healing classes, meditation, and much more with your subscription.


Lifestyle Healing

Choose Device and time

Experience a range of lifestyle healing practices led by experts, nutrition programs, access to health coaches, and WhatsApp support for over 105 chronic lifestyle diseases.


Flexible Enough

In-depth Wellness Analytics

For the first time in subscription service history, you can pause your membership for a few months if you are unable to practice and continue thereafter. Track your program in real-time directly on the app.

Why Subscription is best way

A Yogpath subscription consists of all the ingredients that can make you and your family healthy. Moreover, a subscription is the most cost-effective method to access yoga instructors and gurus who are otherwise difficult to access due to high costs. Our subscription membership is designed with different goals and user types in mind. You can start with a basic subscription and upgrade as your practice picks up and you want to access more features.

inaugural offer

As part of our inaugural offer, we also provide a lifetime subscription to basic services at the cost of just 2 years of subscription. Join our mission to reduce your medical bills by 50% in the next 2 years by subscribing to Yogpath.

Healing for Your Lifestyle disease

For chronic and lifestyle diseases, we offer special subscriptions for weight loss, diabetes, mental health, and other health concerns as well. Our Yogpath program covers more than 105 lifestyle ailments, including hypertension, weight loss, pain management, flexibility, immunity, strength, stamina, respiratory problems, PCOD, PCOC, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, and more.

Learn from Top 1% Yogic Professionals

You can easily switch between instructors and topics, and our instructors are available in both Hindi and English. Choose the type of session that works best for you and start learning from the top 1% of yoga gurus in India at a fraction of the cost, all from the comfort of your own home.

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