Weight Loss with yoga - all in one obesity reversal program

All-in-one Obesity Reversal

Weight Loss with yoga - all in one obesity reversal program

All-in-one Obesity Reversal
A comprehensive approach to achieving long-term obesity reversal
Balanced breathing and yogic practices, portion control, nutrition management, behavioural science, and metabolic science can help reduce body fat permanently.
The bonus will be strength, sleep, flexibility, and mindfulness for a blissful life.
Scientific Methods

1 Scientific Methods

Yogpath group interactive yoga sessions are delivered by expert yoga instructors with expertise in weight loss, the Science of Metabolism, behavioral science, and Nutritional science. The daily practice instructors primarily come from a yoga background, but the overall weight loss program is a combination of all these above components. Hence, you will get additional video lessons, workshops, and group sessions with these professionals from time to time to give you insight into what best suits you and how you will benefit from the art and science of yoga to become healthy, lighter, and energetic for a lifetime.

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2 Well-being

The weight loss interactive session is a community-based learning experience where you will find a lot of motivation while practicing and managing your weight. Apart from weight loss, you will get direct help with your diabetic profile, immunity profile, better sleep, and longevity. With the practice group, you will find like-minded people with shared stories of how they got fit and additional inputs from a peer network together. If you are the go-to person for society and looking for a really interactive community-driven lifestyle wellness and weight loss program, then look no further and join this weight loss interactive group class.

Community Driven

3 Community Driven

Weight loss with yoga is an interactive group class that incorporates yoga, behavioral science, nutritional science, and metabolic wellness solutions. The interactive group sessions are available in Hindi and English languages with multiple schedules each day from 6 am to 11:30 pm at night. However, these classes and sessions are not available for repeat practice. The interactive group session also includes a real-time question and doubts clearing session, but further questions and doubts can be covered at different times as well.
This interactive weight loss session also comes with a dedicated transformation coach who curates and customizes the management of all your health-related issues, takes care of your diet plan, provides additional content for your review, and sends important notifications and alerts based on your performance.

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Lifestyle Healing

4 Lifestyle Healing

This weight loss group yoga session is available for several goals, including short-term weight loss, permanent weight loss, regular and healthy weight loss, and comorbid disease reversal, which includes diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain, mental health, hypertension, immunity, and respiratory wellness yoga sessions.

Key Benefits of Weight loss Interactive Group Sessions

5 Key Benefits of Weight loss Interactive Group Sessions

1 Limited Size group 15-20 Persons

2 Community-Driven Interactive Session

3 Scientific Methods based weight loss

5 Free Unlimited Streaming Practice

6 Multiple Schedules to start.

7 Metabolic Science and Nutritional science

8 Permanent obesity reversal with Deep-discounted price

9 Experienced professional team of – Instructors, program manager

10 Dedicated Transformation coach for quick resolution              

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A: Weight loss Interactive group session is small group classes with a dedicated topic to reverse your obesity without many changes in your food. This is the complete science-based approach to obesity reversal that is designed with the help of yoga scientists, Nutritional science professionals, behavioural science professionals, Metabolic scientists, and fitness professionals.   The program is built for all age group people and has a community-driven approach to sessions. So this is not just that you have to join either one session at a given time otherwise you will miss the bus.

This is an open system where you can join the program and then a dedicated transformation coach is allocated to you and then you will choose the best suitable schedule. In case that given schedule is get missed due to work/another emergency you can join any of the upcoming schedules as well. This is a complete transformation plan where we are only working to reverse your obesity and hence, we are nudging you as much as possible to attain your wellness and weight loss goal without any miss. The session is conducted in smaller groups of 20-25 people only. These weight loss interactive group classes can be booked directly from, mobile, website, or by calling our support number for obesity.

A: The interactive group classes run from Monday to Friday and up to 20 hours of monthly classes you can attend. The additional sessions, workshops, and doubt-clearing sessions are run regularly by several experts, and you will get notified about those by our transformation coach, overall, those sessions will be in the range of 8 to 10 Hours monthly. So overall total you are having an interaction of about 30-32 Hours each month for your obesity reversal. But if you are joining any special category that required different attention.  Some exclusive and special content-based sessions you need to attend as per the guidance of the transformation coach.

A: In an exclusive offer to our customers, we provide free access to our basic live-streaming services for unlimited practice to all weight loss interactive user groups. This way you will get live streaming sessions for unlimited practice and continue your practice. The live streaming also gives you some advance and more important information like step-by-step guides and benefits of certain poses and how to practice those poses.

A: You can use the same username and password that you create while registering. You need to go to the my-account sections, and you will find there your booked interactive group classes and all other details like schedule, time, yoga instructor profile, preparation before practice, equipment requirements, etc.

A: The yoga instructor for each group session is fixed, however, there are many scheduled groups running, so if you feel uncomfortable with your yoga instructor or like to join any other group you are free to do so. As our focus is based on community driven so just get in touch with your transformation coach and you will find many other groups and like-minded people in the group that you love to join.

A: Yogpath works on more than 105 lifestyle healing topics and each topic is available for interactive group classes as well. However, the obesity reversal program is designed for weight loss only. So we are primarily focused on weight loss in this group. If you are looking for something common and your primary goal is not weight loss then you can join our online yoga interactive group classes and join any of the over 105 topics we work on.

A: Our interactive weight loss program is designed for all age groups and those with comorbidities as well. If your doctor has instructed you to lose weight, you can send your details to our transformation coach, who will assign you to a group and community similar to your current health condition. For instance, if you have asthma and cannot practice for an hour continuously, you will be placed in a group that practices mild exercises for 10-15 minutes, four to five times to complete one hour of practice. This way, you can lose weight while managing your medical condition without the need for medication.

A: The my-account section is the central dashboard for all your activities, booking, classes, session, notifications, and more. So, everything you will get at the same place.

A: Nothing to worry about missed classes, you can join any of the groups that run the next scheduled classes and in case you don’t have time to continue you can do it the next day and like that. Our transformation coach helps you to guide more in case additional difficulties arise. Also, you are getting free live streaming access to get those classes for more practice, so you can use that as well.

A: We provide multiple payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallet payment, UPI payments, and PayPal. For Indian consumers, PayPal is not available. PayPal is only available for international consumers along with credit cards. We also provide Interest-free EMI for up to 12 months while making payments. So choose your card providers and get interest-free EMI for up to 12 months and a deep-discounted rate for 12 months of interactive group session booking.

A: These bookings are exclusive and non-refundable in nature. However, if you want to pause your booking for some time, you are able to do that. This way your booking can be consumed for any other time. Also, if you want to convert your booking from interactive group classes to personal one-to-one sessions or live-streaming subscriptions, you are able to do that. For those changes, you need to write to us at finance@yogpathwellness.com and our team will be in touch with you and do the best possible changes that are allowed within the booking and refund policies.

A: Yes, we are providing a GST invoice. You simply need to update your GST details along you’re your company name, GST number, and Address on your “My Account “section of the web login or mobile app.

A: Yes, you can book for a group, society, community, family, your employee, or any other. However group booking is working differently, so you need to write to us at sales@yogpathwellness.com or contact our support number to get a booking in bulk.

A: All our weight loss interactive group session is working in the smaller group only. However, if you want that your classes run exclusively for you, then you need to book a personal one-to-one session and a personal family session. That additional addon can be booked after the booking of the main weight loss interactive classes so let’s book first this program and then you will able to book any of those programs.

A: Currently, we provide Hindi and English as the primary language of instruction. However soon additional regional languages will be added to the program.

A: Yogpath, headquarters are based in Delhi. However, our sessions and classes are all online only. So those are coming to you directly from our Studio, Hub Office, or Yoga Instructor’s Home. All those locations from where sessions are conducted is having fully equipped state-of-the-art technologies like cameras, green screens, mic, robust internet connection, large screen video set, Power Backup, and other required devices and software. 

A: The preference of your equipment is as below. A Good internet connection, large screen TV or laptop with attached screen to tv, yoga mat, quiet space for practice and your precise time. In case you are not having access to large screen tv or laptop then you can take the session with mobile as well.

A: This obesity reversal program is an ongoing program, so we advise you to join us for the long term only and there is no option for pausing the program. Because we feel that weight loss or obesity is not the one stuff that can be paused at all. This program is not just the tool for your obesity reversal, this is one of the toolsets for your overall well-being. So, it’s a continuous process however, cheat days are there. That means you can skip for a few days if you are really too much busy.

A: Each booking is for single people only. So if your family has 5 members you need to book 5 different packages. However, we are providing one option to join with family, you can share the name of your family members with our transformation coach and all those family members can be together to practice and a single transformation coach will be there as well. So that you feel the nearness of your family in this long journey of obesity reversal and healthy life.

A: The camera is not mandatory to open. But we advise opening the camera to get indulge with your community and instructor. However, if you did not feel comfortable opening the camera you can switch it off as well.

A: You do not need any experience to join the classes. You need only one motivation to reverse your obesity and everything will fall into place with help of the transformation coach.

A: Yes, there are many groups we have that is female only with different age group. So, if you want to join that group you are free to do that for sure.

A: A dedicated transformation coach is your point of interaction. So, you will get full support from them for all types of issues and stuff that you need. All the questions will be taken care of by the transformation coach.

A: Absolutely, our weight loss program is based on complete science of metabolic, Yogic, and Nutritional science. So, you will get a diet plan, advice on portion control, and what to eat and what to not. However, we are not giving any restricted diet plan. These are more likely nutrition plan that helps you to get your metabolism improved, sugar control, and cholesterol under check.