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Yogapath Challenges

Yogpath challenges are daily curated practices designed to help you achieve optimal wellness and a healthy lifestyle without relying too much on medicine. Our program of yoga and health challenges is designed with the primary focus of making you healthy by changing your overall behavior in terms of diet, exercise, and motivation.
Our challenges are community-driven efforts that empower every human being and give them the first right to health without dependency on anyone. We are inspired by nature and work as messengers of mother nature, teaching you how to treat yourself to become healthy and fit with minimal effort.
A large community of yoga professionals, wellness coaches, and happiness coaches come together to provide this opportunity that costs less than your monthly coffee budget. So take on our challenges and make yourself happy, healthy, and proud with just 30 minutes to 1 hour of effort.
All challenges are designed in a way that requires no equipment for practice, and the recommended food or drink can be easily made in your own kitchen. All you need is some effort and commitment to make yourself healthy.


Why Challenges is the best wellness hack

The challenges are designed to promote your wellness by making some tweaks to your lifestyle and behavior, helping you achieve your wellness goals. These include setting short-term goals at the start of the challenge, making changes to your food habits, practicing yoga and breathing exercises, getting motivated to stay fit, and understanding the economic cost of poor health.

Our challenges cover over 105 lifestyle diseases and aim to reverse or reduce dependence on medication for those diseases. The most popular challenges include hypertension, weight loss, pain management, flexibility, immunity, strength, stamina, respiratory problems, PCOD, PCOC, pre-natal yoga, post-natal yoga, and more.

How Challenges Works

Our challenges are designed to be completed in a short time commitment and are a fun way to introduce you to the most dangerous aspects of life. We take a complete scientific approach to resolving your lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases, providing you with a practical framework that gives you an advantage in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Our team of unmatched Yoga Scientists, Transformation Coaches, and Ayurvedic Practitioners provide a holistic approach to life and help you achieve optimal health and happiness.


Experts Together

Get Experts Yoga Scientists, Wellness Coaches, Diet Planners, and meditative Yogi to work and plan for you. Our Challenges are designed for beginners and professionals with set targets to be achieved without any issues.


10+ Years’ Experience

The average experience of our professionals is about 10+ years. Our advisory board of Yogis is having more than 20+ years of experience in yogic science and most of them is a doctorate in Yoga science.


Multiple Program

Get enrolled in challenges that suit your goal most. We are running a host of challenges and hence you can opt for any of them.


Technology Driven

While we are online starting at a fixed time. You never missed any classes for sure. As we are provided repeated practice for the next 60 days from your my-account section for all videos.


Best Results

The challenges are meant for the best results and hence planned. Most of those challenges have seen exponential success and results in mental health, better sleep, cognitive thinking, Weight-loss, diabetes, and many others.

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