Humming Bee Breathe, How to Practice Bhramari, Methods , video of Bhramari

Bhramari Humming Bee Breathe, How to Practice Bhramari, Methods , video of Bhramari

30 Min activity


Bhramari is a Sanskrit word. It is made from the Hindi word Bhramar which means bumble-bee. When we practice this pose we make a bee-like sound. This pose is practiced through breathing in humming sounds. It is called a humming bee breath pose because of its procedure. This pranayama helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Bhramari’s s posture will relax your ear, nose, and eyes. It can cure the vital symptoms of fatigue and pressure. It will relax the soul and will make you feel lighter in general. Bhramari works as an instant stress buster. We can perform this pose at any time of the day. Though it is suggested to practice yoga early morning after evacuation for the best result. This pose can be practiced before sleeping or early morning. The Bhramari pose can be performed in three different ways: a) Basic Bhramari b) Silent Bhramari c) Bhramari with Shanmukhi mudra.

This yoga posture establishes a close connection between Imagination and awareness. It will help you to relieve the unpleasant feeling of sadness, nervousness, anxiety, etc. understanding your breathing pattern through Bhramari pranayam is the easiest way to get rid of your anxiety and stress.


Bhramari pranayam can be performed in three different postures. The first and most commonly used posture is Basic Bhramari:

As an add on to the previous exercise we perform simple Bhramari: Precautions:

Props and modifications:

    To give yourself a bit of a challenge you can hold the air before exhaling.
    You can sit on a blanket if you are not comfortable on the floor.