Bhramari( Humming Bee Breathe)

Bhramari Humming Bee Breathe, How to Practice Bhramari, Methods , video of Bhramari

30 Min activity


Bhramari (Humming Bee Breath)
Bhramari is a Sanskrit word. It is made from the Hindi word Bhramar which means bumble-bee. When we practice this pose we make a bee-like sound. This pose is practiced through breathing in humming sounds. It is called a humming bee breath pose because of its procedure. This pranayama helps in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. Bhramari’s s posture will relax your ear, nose, and eyes. It can cure the vital symptoms of fatigue and pressure. It will relax the soul and will make you feel lighter in general. Bhramari works as an instant stress buster. We can perform this pose at any time of the day. Though it is suggested to practice yoga early morning after evacuation for the best result. This pose can be practiced before sleeping or early morning. The Bhramari pose can be performed in three different ways: a) Basic Bhramari b) Silent Bhramari c) Bhramari with Shanmukhi mudra.
This yoga posture establishes a close connection between Imagination and awareness. It will help you to relieve the unpleasant feeling of sadness, nervousness, anxiety, etc. understanding your breathing pattern through Bhramari pranayam is the easiest way to get rid of your anxiety and stress.

Bhramari pranayam can be performed in three different postures. The first and most commonly used posture is Basic Bhramari:
Step 1: Make yourself comfortable while sitting on the floor.
Step 2: Place your index finger on the ear to avoid the external voices around you. This will help you to concentrate on your sound waves in a better way and enhance the benefits of this posture.
Step 3: Take a deep breath in, and fill your belly to the maximum capacity.
Step 4: Gently close your lips and separate your teeth to make the humming sound.
Step 5: Now start breathing with the humming sound until you exhale all the air from your belly.
Step 6: Repeat the process at least 10 times.
As an add on to the previous exercise we perform simple Bhramari:
Step 1: follow all the above-mentioned steps from basic Bhramari. Complete the practice at least once.
Step 2: Exhale all the excessive air without making any noise. Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. you will feel a vibration in your breathing as you have just completed the humming sound. The sound waves can be felt in your throat and brain if you concentrate on them. The feeling of sensation is there in your body.
Step 3: you can repeat the pose after every basic Bhramari exercise or after completing the whole process of your exercise.
The third and most effective of all the above poses is the sunmukhi mudra:
Step 1: Sit on the floor or yoga mat and make yourself comfortable. As we did in the basic Bhramari pose.
Step 2: Place your index finger of both hands on your forehead. The middle finger should be on your eyes. The ring finger must be placed on your cheeks or beside your nostrils. The smallest finger should be beside your chin. The position of the thumb will be on the ear. Sunmukhi pose includes all the six important parts of your body i.e. 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth. So, this pose will focus on the overall health of your body.
Step 3: Inhale to the maximum capacity as we did earlier in the basic Bhramari pose.
Step 4: Close your lips slightly and keep your teeth apart a little.
Step 5: Exhale the air by producing the humming sound.
Step 6: Repeat the pose at least 10 times.
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