Gas Release Pose , Benefits and technique of Pawanmukhtasan

Pawanmukhtasan Gas Release Pose , Benefits and technique of Pawanmukhtasan

30 Min activity


 Pawanmuktasan (Gas release pose)

Pawanmuktasan derived its name from Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, Pawan means air, Mukta means to release, Asan is a pose. This pose will release the air from your body. It aids in relaxing your whole body. Farting is a natural process. A person needs to release the gas to avoid
bloating or gastric pain.Pawanmuktasan or the gas release pose consists of Various poses. These poses will help you in curing bloating and the gas of your body. There is a certain food that causes such problems in your body. But food is not the only thing to be blamed, tightness of your abdominal muscles can also be the reason for this. To relax your abdominal muscles, you must practice such poses. The gas release poses will also help you in menstrual cramps. These pose aid in various other stomach-related issues. You can practice these poses from 30 seconds to the longest you can hold. These poses are great for your overall abdomen health. They can be practiced anywhere needed. The only thing that you need to focus on is relaxation and comfort. You must not practice this pose if you are not
comfortable enough with your surroundings. This pose can be practiced anytime of the day but with an empty stomach. Rubbing your belly will also help you to release the gas. Massaging your abdomen is a great way to get rid of the trapped air in your body. It will reduce bloating and cramps. Sometimes people look out for another option to pass the gas other than farting. Though it is impossible for a person to remove it completely they can reduce the chances of getting farts. Farting is as important as breathing. In a study, it was clear that on average the individual farts 8 times a day. It is such an important thing, and everyone does it but people are still embarrassed if they fart in public. It is still very embarrassing to accept that you have farted.
Benefits: Techniques:
Step 1: lie on your back. Keep your body straight.
Step 2: lift your right leg towards you with your knee bent. Place your hand on the knee and touch it towards your chest using your hands.
Step 3: lift your head and try to touch it to the knee. Hold for 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Do not force yourself to hold for long as it may cause injury.
Step 4: inhale and exhale naturally. Don’t force breathe. Breathing is a natural process you should never control breathing while practicing these poses. You must let it go with the flow.
Step 5: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Step 6: Repeat the process on the other leg.
Step 7: Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.
Precautions: Props and modification: