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Aim and objective of YOGPATH
The way of comprehending the art of inner liberation and change to achieve the state of enlightment or soulful awareness through yog
practice is YOGPATH.
The importance of YogVidya is too enormous to ignore. But in modern days, many yog-gurus, yog-acharyas or yog instructors lack depth; and their knowledge of ‘Yog’ is confined only to the physical postures and simple breathing practices. They dictate their style of execution to diversify poses. This could be taken as derision of ‘Traditional Indian Yog System’, where they exploit the essential and founding components of Yog namely, ‘Yam and Niyam’ - the first two limbs (anga) of Yog out of ‘ashtanga’ (eight limbs), without which one cannot achieve any desired results.
‘Yog’ training in modern educational institutes does not talk about the two founding pillars of yog and only indulge in the ‘battle of asans’. But, according to Maharishi Patanjali, without incorporating Yam and Niyam in Yog Sadhna, one can never excel in other components of Yog.
So the YogPath Portal has been established in keeping these aims and objectives in mind:
  • To ascertain strong foundation to the Yog exponents, by providing factual knowledge of Yog
  • To provide chronological and authentic knowledge of Yog imbibed from our Ancient Yog Granths (scriptures and texts)
  • To caution people against the wrong and unguided practices of Yog from spurious sources
  • To publicize the role of Yog in every sector of society for integrated growth and wellness
  • To provide timely and befitting guidance to the Yog practitioners across the world
  • To suggest cures for Psycho-somatic glitches in life through Yog and Meditation
  • To systematically review the relation of Yog with Science
  • Most importantly to bring and blend Yog in modern day lives of people and acquaint them with the harmonious union of mind, body and soul