Ardh Chandrasan (Half Moon Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modificat

Ardh Chandrasan - Half Moon Pose Ardh Chandrasan (Half Moon Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


Ardha Chandra Asan
(Half-moon pose)

Ardha Chandra asan is derived from the Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, Ardha means half, Chandra is moon, Asana means pose.
So the pose can be called a half-moon pose. The significance of this pose is to channelize the energy of the sun and moon. This pose is responsible for improving balance in your body. This pose will help you to improve the blood circulation in your body. Ardh Chandra asana will is responsible your body, mind, and balance. this is a truly challenging pose. To perform this pose you need lots of balance in your body along with strength and patience. This pose needs a good balance between your body and mind. Practicing this pose will help you to lose excessive fat. This is a great pose to practice if you are planning to reduce excess fat from your body. This pose will give a good stretch to your shoulders, calf, thighs, and torso. This is a complete body stretch pose. Practicing this pose will reduce stress. It refreshes your mind. This pose will help you in releasing the excess gas from your belly. It is a good pose to practice by an individual if he is suffering from problems like bloating.
This pose will help you in maintaining your blood pressure. It will give a good massage to your internal organs and improve your overall health. This pose will help you to cure your anxiety and depression. it will prevent you from heart stroke by increasing the blood flow in your body. This is a good posture to practice if you are suffering from knee pain. This pose will open your chest and shoulder. It lengthens the shoulder and gives a good stretch to your torso.

Step 1: Stand straight on a yoga mat.
Step 2: Slightly bent your left foot in the left direction.
Step 3: lift your right leg in the upward direction. bend your torso and head to the left direction towards the left foot.
Step 4: Place your left hand on the floor.
Step 5: stretch your light leg as much as you can in the upward direction.
Step 6: hold on for 15 seconds to 1 minute or as long as you can. Do not hold on to your breath. You should breathe naturally to avoid any kind of injury.
Step 7: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Step 8: Repeat the procedure on another side.
Step 9: practice this pose at least 5 to 10 times. Props and modification: