The Crocodile Pose, How to Peform, Key benefits and instructions

Makarasan The Crocodile Pose, How to Peform, Key benefits and instructions

30 Min activity


Makarasan (Crocodile pose)
In makarasan, the performer lay down silently on his belly like a crocodile and keenly observed their surroundings. Makarasan is lying on the belly pose and the name is derived from Sanskrit. The word makar means crocodile, asana means pose.
hence, makarasan is known as crocodile pose. Its name was given on its posture. Makarasan is also called a silent killer.
Makarasan is a great way to address your shoulder and back. It will help you to keep your body in a resting position after yoga. The posture looks like a crocodile resting. This posture is practiced to ease down strain after yoga. It can be practiced after yoga to cool down your body. it can also be practiced earlier to tone up your core and enhance strength in your core. This will enhance flexibility in your shoulder and arms. It will strengthen your shoulders. You can practice this pose in the morning and evening with an empty stomach. Makarasan is a great pose to calm down an individual.
This pose reduces back pain, stress, and depression. It will also improve your digestion. Practicing makarasan will help you to attain balance. It is derived from the final form of the posture that imitates a lazy crocodile.
This pose can be practiced in two ways: one is for beginners and the second one is for someone who wants a challenging yoga posture. As a preparatory pose, you can practice Bhujangasan, Gomukhasana, and setu bandhasana to avoid any injury during this pose. The preparatory poses and the follow-up poses will enhance the benefits of the pose. you can practice corpse pose or savasana and bow pose.

Step 1: lie down on the floor on your stomach with your hand folded one above the other at the front.
Step 2: Place your chin on the folded hands and straighten your legs.
Step 3: Close your eyes and relax in the position.
Step 4: Raise your hands and chin along with your legs as we do in the superman pose.
Step 5: Hold on to this pose for as long as you can.
Step 6: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Step 7: Repeat the pose at least 5 times. Do not force your breathing during the whole process.
Precautions: Props and modification: