Simhasan(Lion Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

Simhasan Simhasan(Lion Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


(Lion pose)

Our voice is the mirror of our thoughts. The exact feeling of sadness, happiness, fear, love, anxiety, etc. can be seen in the voice of an individual. Our voices reflect not only our state of mind but also the state of our nervous system. It becomes very important for an individual to keep our voice clear. our voice contributes so much to our day-to-day life. It is very important to improve the health of our voice box. But the question that arises is what could be done to improve the health of our voice box. The answer to this question is yoga. Yoga poses can be performed to improve our voice quality. People who tend to speak more or work at places that involve lots of talking such as a teacher or flight attendant need to practice such yoga asana. An individual can practice Simhasan or lion pose to release all the tension from your throat and enhance the health and quality of your voice box.
Simhasan is a Sanskrit word. The term Simha means lion, Asana means pose.
Hence the pose is also known as the lion pose. The lion pose is the most popular name for this pose. People, in general, call it the lion pose rather than Simhasan. The name of this pose is derived from its posture. While practicing the pose the practitioner poses like a lion roaring. Hence, the name was derived from the pose itself. To invoke the power and intensity of the lion’s roar the body and facial expressions become like a lion. In this pose, the practitioner mimics the roar of the lion. This pose will release tension and stress in your throat and can be beneficial in curing the problem of bad breath. This pose is also known for increasing the blood flow in your face and throat. While practicing this pose we have to fix our gaze at a place. This gazing will reduce the irritation of our eyes and reduce the redness and pain. This pose will also de strain your eyes. Practicing this pose will squeeze out all the negative energy from your body and give you a feeling of happiness, stress-free, and light.

Step 1: Sit on the floor in a child pose with your knees wide apart.
Step 2: Place your palm on the floor between your knees. Your back should be straight.
Step 3: Turn your fingertips towards you and your wrist outwards.
Step 4: Keep your chest open and shift in the forward direction with your spine straight.
Step 5: Pull out your tongue as much as you can and inhale the air. Inhale the maximum air you can and hold.
Step 6: Gaze in the front direction and exhale the filled air with the ‘AAAA’ sound.
Step 7: Repeat the pose as much as possible.
Precautions: Props and modifications: