Vyaghrasan(Tiger Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

Vyaghrasan Vyaghrasan(Tiger Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


(Tiger Pose)
Tiger is considered one of the strongest and most active animals. It is often believed that a tiger-like body is the healthiest body. Early in the morning when a tiger wakes up, he stretches his body will his full strength. The stretch increases the flexibility in tigers and they become more active. An average adult tiger weighs 363 kg and its speed is almost 65km/hr. How did they manage after being this heavy? The answer to the question is there stretching and strength enhances the activeness in their body and hence result in gaining so much speed.
It is believed that there are 8400000 animals on the earth and a total of 84 poses were made out of them by the Hindu god lord shiva. Hence, yoga poses do have religious values. Out of 84 poses, the pose that can provide strength and flexibility like a tiger is the vyaghrasan or tiger pose. It is one of the most important poses of hath yoga.
Vyaghrasan is a Sanskrit word. The Sanskrit word Vyaghr means tiger, Asana means pose.
Hence, vyaghrasan is a tiger pose. When a practitioner practices this pose, the pose looks like a tiger’s morning stretching. The name was given based on the posture.
This pose enhances the flexibility of an individual. It strengthens the legs, hips, arms, and core. It soothes your spine. Vyaghrasan is a kneeling pose that includes your knees, back, spine, and arms. The practicing time could be anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
Practicing this pose is very easy. This is an easy pose and can be practiced by beginners. Though this is an easy pose it is very important to practice the posture after consulting your doctor and yoga instructor. There are certain precautions that you must follow to avoid any kind of injury. This particular posture is very beneficial in reducing back pain. When a tiger wakes up he stretches the whole body and reduces tension and refreshes them. similarly, we have to stretch our bodies like a tiger to perform this pose.
this easy pose consists of 100s of benefits. It is believed that if you know the benefits of a pose, practicing it will enhance the overall benefits. It will enhance the benefits and you can practice the pose in a better and correct way. Hence, an individual needs to practice all the poses. This pose is very beneficial to the people who are doing desk jobs and have constant pain in their back.

Step 1: Sit on your knees and place your hands forward in the cat pose. Look straight and relax your body.
Step 2: Arch your back downward and stretch your right leg in the upward direction. Straighten your leg behind and swing it up.
Step 3: Hold on to the pose for at least 10 seconds or more if you want.
Step 4: Now, Fold your knees and bring them in the forward direction close to your heart without placing them down on the floor.   
Step 5: Bend your neck and try to touch them to your knees. Hold on to this pose for at least 10 seconds or more.
Step 6: Complete the pose by practicing the complete set. Do not force your breath.
Step 7: Relax and get back to the initial stage. 
Step 8: Repeat the process at least 15 times.
Precautions: Props and modification: