Balasan (Child Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

Balasan Balasan (Child Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


(Child pose)
Balasana is one of the easiest yet most effective poses in yoga science. The Sanskrit word balasana means child-like posture. The term Bal means child, Asana means posture.
Hence the pose is called child pose. The name was given to the posture because of its posture. it this seated posture an individual sits like a child. It looks like a child resting in the womb. Hence the pose is called a child pose. It is believed that the child is healthiest when he is in the womb. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle yogis practice this pose.
This pose can be practiced for at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your capacity. This pose doesn’t require any repetition. You can perform this posture once and stay in the same position for as long as you want. This is such a relaxing pose and can be practiced by any individual of any age group. it is an easy pose to practice. It will help you to tone up your thighs and relieve backache.
This pose should be practiced when you are breathing fast and wants to relax. This posture can be practiced before or after yoga. This is a great posture to practice if you want to relax. Balasan provides deep relaxation to an individual. Practicing this asana communicates positive feelings in your mind. Apart from this, it also helps to destroy negative thoughts lying in a deep corner of the mind.  It is a relaxing pose that concentrates on the thighs and helps with back pain relief. It also provides a deep sensation of physical, mental, and emotional calm. This pose must be performed at least four to six hours after a meal. Your bowels and stomach must be empty when you practice this position.
To practice the pose it is very important to learn about the benefits of the pose. It is believed that if you know about all the benefits of the pose that you are practicing the benefits enhance and the effect is way better than it was. So an individual must learn about the benefits before practicing the pose. Balasan is the easiest and simplest posture yet includes many hidden benefits.

Before practicing Balasan one should learn the proper technique of the pose to avoid any kind of injury. The correct technique needs to be practiced to get the maximum benefits out of it. let’s have a look into the correct technique of the pose to avoid injury. 
Step 1: Sit on the yoga mat on your knees and join the big toes together.
Step 2: Now sit on the heels. Place your hips on your heels and adjust yourself according to your comfort level without moving much of your body.
Step 3: Exhale and stretch your hands in the upward direction. Do not force your breathing.
Step 4: Now bend your torso, hands, and head in the forward direction. Do not bend the parts. your hand must be straight and your head must touch the ground.
Step 5: Stretch your torso, head, and hands to the maximum you can. Do not force your breathing. Breathe naturally as much as you can to avoid any injury.
Step 6: Hold on to the pose for at least 15 minutes or as much as you can without straining your body.
Step 7: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Before practicing the pose, it is very important to read all the precautions. An individual must know about who can and who can’t practice this pose to avoid any kind of injury. It is very important to practice this posture under surveillance. You can hire a yoga teacher or ask someone who knows the proper technique of the posture to avoid injuries. Props and modification:
Every individual has their body type. And everybody is suffering g from one or the other problem. so everyone can’t practice the same pose with the same technique. So to avoid injury and to allow a maximum individual to practice the pose we modify the pose. Sometimes we use props like bends, blankets, and yoga bricks to adjust the pose according to our comfort level so that no one gets injured.