katichakrasan katichakrasan(Standing Spinal Twist) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


 Kati Chakra Asan
(Standing Spinal Twist)

Katichakrasan consist of three words:Kati means waist,Chakra means wheel,Asana means pose.
So, Katichakrasan is a waist-wheel pose. we have to move our waist clockwise and anticlockwise to perform this yoga posture. This pose can be called a standing spinal twist. Katichakrasan means rotation of the waist.
This pose gives a nice stretch to your waist. We often feel stiffness in our spine and back because of sitting for too long. Though minor stiffness is not a big issue but probably gives us a feeling of discomfort. So, just to avoid this discomfort we must practice this pose. Katichakrasan is a very easy pose. it hardly takes 1 minute to practice. In a very less period, it gives you a lot of health benefits. It gives a nice stretch to your back and spine. This pose will strengthen and lengthen your spine. It will make your waist more flexible and supple. A very simple yet very effective yoga posture carries the power to heal constipation if practiced regularly and accurately.
This pose is best to lose excessive fat from your waist. it gives a gentle stretch to your waist and helps you to reduce excessive fat. It has its positive impacts on children who face the problem of constipation. This pose will help you in relieving fatigue, tiredness, stiffness in the neck and trunk region.
Standing Spinal Twist helps to increase the flexibility of your spine and upper back. This pose is also useful for stretching your shoulders and upper chest. Performing this pose also massages your abdominal organs, which helps to improve digestion. Standing Spinal Twist is commonly used as a warm-up pose and as a counterpose after forwarding bends and backbends.
As you perform Standing Spinal Twist, make sure you keep your hips even and your sitting bones in contact with the floor throughout the pose. Allow the twist to come from your spine, not from your hips.
If you have difficulty sitting with your legs crossed in Standing Spinal Twist, you can modify the pose so that one leg is bent and the other leg is extended in front of you. Make sure you twist toward your bent knee and you. Make sure you twist toward your bent knee and alternate which leg is straight when you switch sides.

There are two ways to practice Katichakrasan. The difference between them is hand posture.
Step 1: Stand straight with your feet close.
Step 2: Stretch your hands straight to the chest with your palms facing each other, parallel to the ground.
Step 3: Inhale and exhale naturally.
Step 4: Move your upper body in the left direction along with your hands. The movement should be of your hands and shoulder.
Step 5: Hold on to the side for a few seconds.
Step 6: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Step 7: Repeat the pose to the other side. Repeat all the steps to the rights side.
Step 8: Repeat the pose at least 10 times on both sides.
Pose 2:
Step 1: stand straight as in pose 1.
Step 2: Open your hands horizontally to the floor with your palms facing downward.
Step 3: Place your right hand on the left-back and your left hand on the right shoulder. Move your body toward the right. Make sure you do not move your lower body.
Step 4: Hold on to the pose for at least 30 seconds.
Step 5: Relax and get back to the initial position.
Step 6: Repeat the pose to the other side. The repetition on both sides will be considered a single time.
Step 7: Practice the pose at least 10 times to get visible results.
Precautions: Props and modification: