Mandukasan(Frog Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

Mandukasan Mandukasan(Frog Pose) : Benefits, Method, Precautions, Modifications

30 Min activity


(Frog pose)
The pose performed by the practitioner looks like a frog. Hence, the pose is called Mandukasan. Mandukasan is a Sanskrit word that means frog pose Manduk means frog,Asana means pose.
hence, we also call it a frog pose. Mandukasan is an ideal asana for people suffering from diabetes. It is one of the poses that massage your abdomen and burn excessive fat. Mandukasan not only focuses on your belly but also works on your abdominal, spine, buttock, thighs, and legs area.
Any age group can perform this pose in the morning or evening with an empty stomach to get the most benefits. Mandukasan is a seated posture that will tone the abdominal regions, thighs, muscles, enhance digestion, lubricate knee joints. It is a simple yet effective pose that can be practiced by beginner practitioners.  Bow down in the asana relaxes your body and soul.
Mandukasan pose will help us to strengthen our abdomen. It allows the practitioner to turn the dissipation of energy into transferring it from the outer world to within. This pose will strengthen your back, knees, hips, and ankles. This pose will help you to relieve stress and anxiety. It increases the oxygen-carrying blood flow in your body. we can get rid of menstrual cramps and irregular menstrual cycles by practicing this pose. This pose is known for the awakening of kundalini.

Step 1:  Sit in the vajarasan pose and close the fist of both hands.
Step 2: Bring your fist close to your navel and slightly press it.
Step 3: Bend your torso forward as much as you can and look in the forward direction.
Step 4: Inhale and exhale naturally. Do not force your breathing as this may cause severe internal injury.
Step 5: stay in this position for as long as you can.
Step 6: Repeat the pose at least 5 times.
Precautions: Props and modification: